Sanfermines 2022, the cheapest option for the festivities

There is nothing left to enjoy the next Sanfermines 2022. After two years of absence, they are back in a big way. In less than 24 hours at ‘La Hora de la 1’ we will be celebrating the chupinazo from the balcony of Pamplona City Hall. The scheduled time will be at 11 in the morning.

They are a few days of celebration that attract visitors from different corners of the planet. But, in addition, it is a celebration that takes its toll on the body and also on attendees’ pockets.

“All day at all hours you can do free activities”

Experiencing the Sanfermines implies that our current account decreases to a greater or lesser extent, but Is it possible to live a San Fermín low cost? Leyre Ekisoain works at the Pamplona tourist office: “In a way, not spending much is complicated, but we have very good transport links such as Renfe and buses and there are many music activities in the street. All day at all hours you can do free activities“, Explain.

There is less to go until San Fermín 2022

The most expensive thing is accommodation, which is why among the recommendations is to sleep in a nearby town, but it is not the only one: “What the commonwealth does is introduce and extend the urban bus schedule to 24 hours a day“, he concludes.

“In the end, you leave a paste”

The voices of the street have opinions for all tastes regarding living cheap parties: “I see it practically impossible“, assures a citizen. “The same yes, but to spend little you have to organize. What goes up the most is accommodation,” confirms another.

The concerts, being free, is a plan low cost, but the hotel industry raises the price a lot, so well, in the end you leave a dough”, says another of the attendees.

Sandwiches are the favorite food for these parties and the price also varies: “If you want to eat a good sandwich, then it has its price. Cheap or not cheap, each one will have to choose what is cheap or not cheap for him. Sanfermines is what he has,” he says. Jesús Izquierdo, from the Bel Din restaurant.

And for those who go back and forth on the same day, they can leave their things in the slogans enabled for it in the city for 5 euros.

From the Chupinazo to the last bull run

The programming will start on July 6, with the special Chupinazo (between 11:00 and 12:15) to broadcast the beginning of the festivities. And from day 7, Julián Iantzi, Ana Prada and Teo Lázaro They will comment from 7:15 a.m. on the previous moments, the confinement and the subsequent analysis within the special program Vive San Fermín on La 1 and RTVE Play.

The retransmission of the running of the bulls will pay attention to the classic enclaves, such as the Cuesta de Santo Domingo, the Mercaderes curve and the entrance alley to the Plaza de Toros, which this year also celebrates its centenary. On it will be possible to follow in multi-camera mode: up to nine signals simultaneously and the viewer/user can choose from which point of view to enjoy the running of the bulls each day.

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