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Luis Tudanca and Pedro Sánchez at the PSOE congress of Castilla y León.
Luis Tudanca and Pedro Sánchez at the PSOE congress of Castilla y León.Tomás Alonso (Europa Press)

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has claimed this Saturday the PSOE as “the only party that can give Spain the stability it needs” amid the current volatility. “In these times of economic, health and social uncertainty, it is more necessary than ever to claim stability. If something is clear, it is that what Spain needs is stability and the only party that guarantees it is that of the Socialists, ”said Sánchez at the PSOE congress in Castilla y León, which is being held in Burgos. Almost at the same time, the leaders of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos demonstrated with agents of the National Police and Civil Guard in Madrid against the reform of the gag law. Faced with the message of a bankrupt country, as denounced by the opposition, the Secretary General of the Socialists has highlighted how during his mandate 18 of the 24 Conferences of Presidents have been held or the recent approval of the Budgets for 2022 in Congress with the support of 11 parties. At the end of the year they will have the green light after passing through the Senate and returning to Parliament.

The fear of omicron, the new variant of the covid, caused the largest decline in the Ibex on Friday (4.96%) in a year and a half. The Government’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) forecasts do not seem to be fulfilled either, weighed down by the lack of supplies for industries such as automobiles or an electricity bill that continues to be at maximum. The increase in infections, with 172 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – the minimum of 40.5 was reached on October 14 – begins to alert the authorities and more and more communities require the covid passport in certain areas. Pending investigations to clarify the seriousness of omicron mutations, the socialist leader has insisted that the Government works “with the utmost coordination” with the EU member states and the European Commission. Spain has tightened the entry controls before a variant that seems more resistant and is transmitted more easily. While waiting for more data, Sánchez has asked for “responsibility and solidarity” so that Spaniards get vaccinated and use the mask. 90.9% of the target population has already been vaccinated and 89.2% of the population has the complete regimen.

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The criticisms of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of the decentralization of public bodies have not changed the government’s plans either. Sánchez is convinced that taking organ headquarters to the areas most affected by depopulation will contribute to greater territorial cohesion. “The commitment to decentralization is safe because decentralization is solidarity,” he remarked before announcing the headquarters of two newly created organizations: the old building of the Bank of Spain in Soria will house the first National Center of Photography. And Segovia will host the Center for Innovation and High Performance Technification of Vocational Training.

Back to Tudanca in Castilla y León

Ferraz has turned to Luis Tudanca in the Castilian-Leon congress. The PSOE has not governed the community since 1987, when José María Aznar won the elections by 5,000 votes. The PP retained the presidency of the Junta despite the socialist victory in 2019 thanks to the coalition government with Citizens. “Seven years ago you elected me as your general secretary. I took the step because I believe that this land deserves a better future and I maintain it, ”said Tudanca, who in May 2019 led the PSOE to 35 seats, ten more than in 2015, while the PP fell from 42 to 29. Cs achieved 12. The motion of censure of March 2020 did not alter the the status quo although it showed the fragility of the party of Inés Arrimadas. “We all know what it is to be a socialist in a land that for decades has been identified with a fiefdom of the right. Thank you Luis, for showing us that it is possible to win 36 years later. You are pure passion for Castilla y León. The impossible, which was to win, we have already achieved it. Now we have the difficult thing, which is to govern ”, Daniel de la Rosa, mayor of Burgos since 2019, has dedicated to him. The Socialists also govern in the cities of Valladolid, León, Segovia and Soria.

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Socialist sources rule out resubmitting a motion in the spring, with just one year of the legislature ahead. In the PP, on the other hand, they do believe it possible. The regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, of the PP, is going through a bad time after the imputation of the Salamanca PP for alleged illegal financing in the internal primaries that he won in 2017. The instructor sees an “illegal anonymous donation” behind the payment of arrears of affiliates so they could vote in the 2017 internal process that made the current president a candidate. “It has been shown that in the primaries of Mr. Mañueco cheating was done, but now it is suspected that there was illegal financing. Our primaries are clean, and that is why we also have to vindicate politics. The right wants to lead us to tension, to the decomposition of politics and institutions. To each insult, a proposal ”, has observed Tudanca, who calls for the resignation of Mañueco and has also referred to other cases of corruption that affect the PP such as the wind plot or the Perla Negra plot, in which Juan Vicente Herrera, former president Castilla y León, has been summoned to testify as a witness. The importance that Ferraz gives to the community has been confirmed by the presence of the Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, and the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, as well as other members of the federal executive such as Javier Izquierdo, Mariluz Martínez Seijo and Iratxe Garcia.


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