Sánchez links the PP with corruption and asks not to “resign” in Castilla y León


The President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, has asked the citizens of Castilla y León not to “resign” with a PP who has been governing the Board for almost 35 years and whom he has linked to the corruption. For this reason, he has asked “all progressive voters” that next February 13, in the regional elections, fill the ballot boxes “of change and hope” with the “only ballot” that guarantees them: “The Luis Tudanca and the PSOE”.

Sánchez has accompanied the socialist candidate in a campaign event in Zamora, from where he has asked “to be aware” that “we are living a defining time, a crossroads” not only in Castilla y León or Spain, but worldwide, with challenges such as the crisis in Ukraine, the climate emergency or the pandemic. Above all, he has pointed out the problem of the depopulation and the demographic challenge “that require the commitment of all” governments and administrations.

During the rally, Sánchez has claimed the form of this Executive to get out of the COVID crisis in the face of the PP formula for the economic crisis of 2008. And it is that “it is very different when the social democracy governs than when the right does: with them there are cuts and with us social advances”. “I remember, when the PP governed, what the councils of ministers meant: cuts and social backwardness.” Instead, he has listed some of the measures approved by the Executive recently, like the social bonus to young people for rent or revaluation of pensions according to the CPI. He has also assured that next Tuesday the housing law will be approved to prohibit “what the PP governments have done”: “Sell public housing to vulture funds.”

“With the formula of social democracy you can get out of a crisis faster and more justly”, he pointed out. and has criticized that came out of the 2008 crisis with “a huge number of corruption cases linked to the PP”. To date, he has assured there is “an exemplary government with glass pockets” that “what it does is defend public heritage, exemplary character and the fight against corruption”.

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With the motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy of 2018 by which Sánchez was invested president, has continued, it was opened “a new political time in politics”, “an end to the stage of corruption led by the governments of Aznar and Rajoy” and the way of doing politics was “changed” through the “social dialogue” and the “agreement” not as a means, “but as an end itself”: “We do not impose, we agree because we govern for the social majorities of our country”. And he has contrasted this way of doing politics with the “unilateral impositions” of the PP in labor matters or pensions.

“Let’s not spend a second on a denialist opposition”

The president has flaunted his management at the head of the Executive by ensuring that Spain, despite the “successes and mistakes made” and “thanks to the efforts of all is finally reaping its fruits” and it is one of the leading countries in vaccination after “two hard and difficult years”. “We have the highest growth in the last 20 years, the best employment rate of the last 17 and the lowest unemployment rate of the last 14″, he has sentenced.

“And the PP is talking about Spain being bankrupt”, has criticized. “Let’s not spend a second on a denialist opposition that denies reality”. A reality, he continued, which is “that Spain is walking and advancing” and that this is “the legislature of employment, employment and employment”. Some levels of employment, he pointed out, that had not been seen since before the financial crisis. “And that is what it is in,” added the Government of Spain.

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In this sense, it has taken the opportunity to ask the PP again to vote in favor or abstain from the labor reform that has come out of “an important agreement between workers and employers”. He has said he is aware that “it is not the agreement that the PSOE, or the unions or the employers would have wanted”, but “precisely for that reason” it is the reform that the workers deserve: “Because it combats the main evils of the market: the precariousness and structural unemployment”.

With that, has asked the PP not to fall into a “double error”. The first was to “impose a labor counter-reform in 2010 that devalued wages and made labor relations more precarious.” And now, it would be to vote against a reform “agreed between the social agents and the Government of Spain.

On the other hand, Sanchez has committed itself to the decentralization of State administrations and with the fight against depopulation and has highlighted that “a PSOE government has had to arrive” to approve the demographic challenge plan and fight against depopulation that was committed in 2016 and that has already been endowed with ten billion euros: “The administration has to approach to the citizen, it is the State that has to approach the citizen” and not the other way around, has said.

Finally, he has asked the public to be “very aware” that the elections will be “an enormous opportunity” and has asked that on February 13 “no one stays at home”: “Let us fill the ballot boxes with that cry of change and hope who already won in 2019 and who needs more votes to make it unstoppable and for the next president to be a person committed to this land.” And after assuring that the commitment of the Government of Spain is “resounding” with Castilla y León in terms of investments, social policies or decentralization, it has settled: “What we need is an ally in this land, which is Luis Tudanca”.

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Tudanca calls for “more resounding” support than in 2019

For its part, Tudanca has agreed that, as of February 13, Castilla y León “will have the future of change and hope” that citizens already chose in 2019. “But we have to make it bigger, more resounding so that no one can frustrate hopes” of change, he added.

The candidate has focused a good part of his speech on depopulation, because “Castilla y León has been losing population since 1987, since the PP governs”. “There are many young people who have not known anything else and that’s fine, because 35 years are too many”, he has sentenced. and has settled that depopulation “is not an inevitable plague.”

“While Castilla y León was losing population, Spain was growing”. But “every time there is good news for Spain it seems like it is bad news for the PP”. A “corrupt” PP who is convinced that good news for his country is bad news for them shows that he is “a bad party for Spain.”

Too has reproached the PP for having “dismantled public health”: “We are going to have a government that protects public health, face-to-face care, that reopens clinics in rural areas.” However, he has ensured that will launch a law of maximum terms to reduce waiting lists and another demographic challenge law and depopulation.


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