Sánchez ‘gets his chest’ for managing the virus: “We lead vaccination and we have 20 million employees” | Society


The pandemic is rebounding in much of Europe with concern about the advance of the omicron variant and vaccination is being key to avoid developing serious symptoms of the disease. Most European countries have introduced new measures to prevent infections from increasing: documents, negative tests and vaccination certificate. Here in Spain the ‘COVID passport’ acts as an ‘iron curtain’ in many autonomies, while the accumulated incidence has increased by 45% in the last week, with the Basque Country and Navarra being the most punished. At the national level, the latest data on the average incidence of coronavirus infections stood at 248 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, although this increase is not having an impact on greater healthcare pressure or deaths thanks to vaccination.

On the high percentage of immunized that our country has, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez in Murcia, spoke today in the framework of the PSRM regional congress: “Without a doubt, Spain suffers from problems, it has challenges, such as overcoming the pandemic , but we are leaders in vaccination, we have 20 million employed compatriots, we are the first government in Europe to have received European Funds, therefore, it is reasonable for any true patriot to feel proud of the collective success, of the country’s achievement in the last twelve months. ”

Likewise, he has insisted on the importance of continuing to be vaccinated, of getting the third booster dose and also vaccinating those under 12 when possible, in order to “overcome the pandemic once and for all.”

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“I believe that citizens have that feeling of being overcoming one of the greatest tests of our generations and turning that fear into the certainty that we are overcoming this pandemic and we are doing it as always, with prudence, with science and with the knowledge that it demands of us. to continue using the mask, to continue vaccinating ourselves, to put on the booster dose, to vaccinate now also those under 12 years of age to overcome this COVID-19 pandemic once and for all, “said Sánchez.

A social democracy “more necessary than ever”

“If this crisis has done something, it is to make social democracy more recognizable,” continued Sánchez, who stressed that social democracy is “more necessary than ever”, which “has been demonstrated with this pandemic.” In the same way, he has taken the opportunity to remember the former socialist leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, who defined the PSOE as “the essential party”, as he explained. “Now I understand what he wanted to tell us when he said that the PSOE never fails Spain. It is what we have done during these months of pandemic: not fail Spain and not fail our compatriots,” he has sentenced.

Government management balance

In his speech in Murcia, the president of the Executive took the opportunity to take stock of his management on what he said: “We cannot forget who we govern for: we govern to raise the minimum wage, revalue pensions, protect workers against a pandemic, put I stop gender violence, make the first housing law in history or the first climate change law “.

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