Sánchez entrusts the Ombudsman with an investigation

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, will boost a commission of iInvestigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church which will be led by Ombudsman, supported by an independent commission of experts, according to the newspaper The country and has been able to confirm TVE.

According to Moncloa sources, the socialist parliamentary group will immediately carry out the registration of a non-law proposition to entrust the institution that directs Angel Gabilondo investigation of the abuses, backed by a independent commission which, according to El País, will be made up of experts, representatives of public administrations, victims’ associations and the Catholic Church itself.

Once the report has been prepared, it will be debated in plenary session of the Congress and will include recommendations to prevent abuse from being repeated in the future.

This initiative is independent of the parliamentary commission that United We Can, ERC and EH Bildu requested and that has been admitted by the Congress Table. Also the State Attorney General’s Office has announced that it will investigate the abuse of minors in the Church.

Alejandro Palomas: “We got it!”

Last Thursday, Sánchez received in Moncloa the writer Alexander Pigeons, who recently revealed that she was the victim of sexual abuse by a La Salle teacher in Premià de Mar (Barcelona) when she was 8 years old. According to the writer on his Twitter account, the Prime Minister undertook to investigate the abuses.

This Sunday, after learning of the initiative to launch the investigation commission, Palomas has celebrated the news. “We did it! On Thursday I left Moncloa with a promise. Today, 64 hours later, I wake up with what was promised in a headline”, he assures, referring to the news of The country. “The echo of many small voices is, added together, an earthquake. Let’s not forget it. Today is a great day, Pedro Sánchez,” the tweet concludes.

No public record of cases

In Spain, unlike other countries, there is no official record of abuse cases In the catholic church. According to the institution, between 2001 and 2021, 220 complaints against priests were recorded, of which 69 are still open.

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However, the newspaper El País, according to the complaints collected by the newspaper, raises the number to more than 600, with about 1,250 victims of abuse from 1945 to 2018.

Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: how far do they go in Spain?

Congregations themselves have carried out internal investigations which, in most cases, have not been disclosed. The Jesuits have done it, recognizing more than a hundred cases of abuse, most of them to minors, from 1927 to the present, while the Marists of Catalonia have recognized 25 cases.

The associations of victims believe that the figure may be “thousands” affected. The Episcopal Conference has not initiated any internal investigation so far, although since the arrival of Pope Francis it has been ordered to investigate any suspicion of abuse, beyond formal complaints.


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