Sánchez defends against Stoltenberg more spending on defense

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezhas reaffirmed Spain’s commitment to NATO and to common security on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the country’s entry into the Alliance, and has announced that Spanish contribution will increase to the common defense and the defense spending.

NATO fulfills a transcendental mission – Sánchez assured – it allows us to be what we are and guarantees that we will be what Spain decides to be. I am not only talking about the military alliance, but about the defense of principles that originate the well-being of our peoples.”

Sánchez and Stoltenberg have participated this Monday in a commemorative act presided over by Felipe VI, and which has been attended by more than 300 guests, including the representatives of the high state institutionsformer presidents Felipe González, José María Aznar and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as well as former general secretaries of the organization such as Willy Claes, George Robertson, Anders Fog Rasmussen and Javier Solana.

Instead, The government ministers who belong to United We Can have been absent.

“The war in Ukraine has opened the eyes of European societies”

Sánchez referred to the war in Ukraine and highlighted the unity of the partners both in the Alliance and in the European Union (EU).

“Putin is not going to achieve his goals because the allies have shown and continue to show that our steadfastness in support of Ukraine is unwavering. Unity and cohesion among allies is the best deterrent to prevent escalation,” she stressed.

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Sánchez has defended that “a coordinated and daily effort of the allies is necessary to preserve that freedom, threatened by the Putin regime. Supporting Ukraine is the only way to ensure that Europe and the world we have built have a certain future“.

The war in Ukraine has opened the eyes of European and Spanish societies

“Unity is essential to strengthen security – explained Sánchez – The war in Ukraine has opened the eyes of European societies and also the Spanish. Many people have understood that security is not guaranteed indefinitely“.

To this end, he advocated “strengthen the deterrence capacity“with greater investment in defense.

I am going to convey to the Spaniards that we must make that effortbecause far greater is the cost of sitting idly by while the most elemental, the most fundamental of our society, such as freedom and our model of peaceful and democratic coexistence, is put in check, ”Sánchez warned.

He has also indicated that the new strategic concept that is going to be approved at the Madrid Summit at the end of June will have to respond to the “old threats that we thought were overcome” but also face the new hybrid threats or those related to climate change. “That concept is going to go much further,” he said.

Stoltenberg extols Spain’s commitment to NATO

Stoltenberg highlights the Spanish contribution

For his part, the Secretary General of the Alliance highlighted Spain’s contribution to NATO missions and operations, from stability missions in the Balkans to participation in the war in Afghanistan, in the training of the armed forces of Iraq and now with the support of Ukraine.

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Together we are prepared to defend every inch of allied territory of any threat”, he assured.

Stoltenberg has compared the NATO summit held in Madrid in 1997 with the one that will take place in June. “At the Madrid summit we will mark the way, we will reset our defense for a more dangerous world.”

Spain will continue to play a fundamental role in our Alliancebecause in this age of ever-increasing global competition, our unity is our strength,” Stoltenberg concluded.


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