Sánchez and Aragonès call for a meeting


The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchezand that of Catalonia, Pere Aragoneshave been summoned this Friday to arrange a meeting to redirect the “serious” situation for him espionage through pegasus to the independence movement after the CNI has admitted that it spied on the ‘president’ and 17 other sovereignist leaders.

Both of them have coincided in the annual meeting of the Cercle d’Economy in Barcelona for the first time after the espionage scandal broke out through and a day after the president of the CNI, Paz Esteban, presented the judicial authorization under which Aragonès was spied on and gave an account of this to the Official Secrets Commission of Congress. question. Some facts that further strained relations between the Government and the Govern and with their parliamentary partners, especially CKD.

upon arrival, Sánchez has shaken hands with Aragonès and both have talked for a few minutes with serious countenance, while awaiting the arrival of the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, who has come to collect the European Construction Award. That is when, according to sources from the Generalitat, Aragonès has told him that the situation “is very serious” and has asked for a meeting.

Sánchez and Aragonès talk for a few minutes in Barcelona in the midst of controversy over the espionage of the CNI

For its part, Sánchez has told Aragonès that the situation must be resolved and think of the Catalans and It has been summoned with the ‘president’ to arrange said meetingaccording to La Moncloa sources.

And there was no no meeting scheduled during Sánchez’s visit to Barcelona beyond the coincidence between the two at the 37th Meeting of the Cercle d’Economia, which is being held at the Hotel W in Barcelona with the presence of other authorities. An event that has been held while on the outskirts of the enclosure there was a concentration of leaders of ERC, Junts and the CUP in protest for espionage.

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Sánchez: “The spirit of the Government is to overcome the turbulence”

already inside, Sanchez addressed Aragonès in his speech with a “statement of intent”“: “Manifesting, my dear president, my deep respect for Catalonia and consideration towards their society and its institutions”.

The president has transferred his “firm will to return to continue advancing in the dialoguenegotiation and agreement” and has ensured that “there is no nobler proposition for any political leader, believe what they believe or have the ideologies that have to build coexistence so that our citizens, at a time as special and complex as the who are living, live in societies without fractures”.

Sánchez assures that the “encouragement” of the Government is to “overcome” the “turbulence” that may exist in its relationship with Catalonia

Throughout his speech, he did not directly mention espionage, although he did point out: “We already know that in the fight there are turbulence”. For this reason, he has said, “the office of politics is more demanding than it could be.” “The turbulence seems so intense, but the spirit of the Government is to overcome themnot feed them,” he assured.

The policy of reunion with Catalonia is bearing fruit

And he has asserted that dialogue, coexistence and the “policy of reunion” of the Government of Spain with Catalonia “is bearing fruit and showing virtues” to help Catalonia as a whole overcome the effects of the pandemic, consolidate economic recovery and recover the company: “This is and no other, believe me, the roadmap of the Government of Spain”.

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Aragonès has not applauded Sánchez’s speech when he has finished speaking. Coming down from the rostrum, the chief executive shook hands with the Catalan president again, and both left the room separately. From the Generalitat they consider that it has been an “empty” speech and that “with beautiful phrases” does not solve the problem.

Aragonés warns: trust is “broken”

Before the meeting, the Catalan president assured in an interview on Catalunya Radio that “Confidence with the State Government is broken, it is at zero” and that if the latter “wants to rebuild it, it is essential to act with transparency and assume responsibilities” for the case of political espionage. He has denounced that the CNI spied on him to “condition politics” and “obtain an advantage” and has warned: “In a democracy, the leaders of other parties are not spied on.”

Aragonès demands that the judicial authorization for which he was spied on be declassified and that responsibilities be purged (specifically, the resignation of the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles). And after the Government has said that it was unaware of this espionage, it has asked to clarify if it is “that nobody controls the secret services and that the CNI does its own thingand if this is so, someone should make decisions”. “The feeling is that the CNI acts without control”, he said.

Feijóo: “What has happened is anti-politics”

In the days of the Cercle, the leader of the PP has also participated, Alberto Nunez Feijoowho has referred to the controversy over the espionage with the Pegasus system to point out that “what happened this week in national politics and that has affected Catalan politics is anti-politics. On the contrary, he has said, he offers a project based on “stability”.

Feijóo has warned that “political instability is not compatible with economic stability and unfortunately the country is suffering from both”, because it has “too many years” in a climate where “conflict and trench rule”.

And he has charged directly against the pro-independence leaders by assuring that “The procés has been a lousy business” for the economy and growth of Catalonia. He has also criticized the Government “has exercised its self-government responsibly” causing “damage” to Catalonia (in contrast, he said, with other communities such as Andalusia) and has ensured that “for a nationality like the Catalan, the most appropriate thing to preserve stability and its identity is to recover its leadership and contribution to a state and a European Union vigorous”.


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