San Fermin 2022 | Chief surgeon of the Plaza de Toros: “The team is prepared for what may happen these Sanfermines”

This Thursday afternoon the first bullfight that has come out to the first bull run of the Sanfermines 2022 takes place. It has been three years since the gas corrals received bulls and after the restrictions due to the pandemic, the first ones have been those of Núñez del Cuvillo.

A fast and exciting running of the bulls that lasted two minutes and 35 seconds. There have been no injuries by bull horn, but it has left a dangerous moment at the entrance of the Bullring of the capital Navarra. There several runners have fallen to the ground and there has been an attempt at a montonera.

“During the first running of the bulls, minor injuries were treated”

This first confinement leaves a total of six minor injuries due to trauma and bruises, but everything is prepared in case, during the tour, a major accident arises. Ángel Hidalgo is chief surgeon of the Pamplona Bullring and head of the orthopedic surgery and traumatology service at the Hospital Universitario de Navarra. He has been part of the Plaza’s infirmary team since 1987 and has held the position of chief since 2003: “During this first confinement, slightly injured and the team is prepared for what may happen these Sanfermines“, he explains in ‘La Hora de la 1’.

The role of surgeons in bullrings is to attend to the different injuries that occur both in the running of the bulls and in the bullring and, of course, the different types of bullfights: “The bullfighting device means that in each area There are care centers. The plaza team takes care of the wounded in the alley and the plaza itself“says the chief of surgery.

One of the injured this Thursday, July 7, has suffered an injury caused by the blow of the shovel of one of the bulls: “From the technical point of view, when a bull hits the body of one of the runners with the shovel it is called a varetazo. This usually causes a scratch and burn with associated bruising. The slightest injuries are those caused by the blows,” says Hidalgo.

In the final stretch of the first running of the bulls there has been a near-montonera, but what at first has kept both attendees and followers of the race on edge, everything has been left in a scare. It is very important to review the status of people stepped on by a bull, since a step is a great pinch for those who suffer it: “Stomping can cause injury to internal organs due to the contusion that occurs in them. They are potentially serious and you have to be providing possible complications, “concludes the expert.

The bulls and the party are back

The inauguration of the Pamplona bullring took place on July 7, 1922 and was designed by the architect Francisco Urcola. She had a budget of 1,270,000 pesetas and the management took her to the Plaza de la Misericordia. In addition, it is the fourth in the world in terms of capacity. This Thursday afternoon the bullfights return with Morante de la Puebla among the bullfighters.

After 1,087 days without people stepping on the albero due to the pandemic, the festive atmosphere between the rocks, crews and comparsa music return to this square.

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