Salford elections 2022: Lib Dems say they are the only true opposition to Labor


The Liberal Democrats in Salford have stated that they are the only true opposition to Labor in the upcoming election. Alex Warren, the Lib Dem candidate for Quays has said that they want to provide a true alternative to Labor given the fact the Conservatives have not fielded a candidate in every ward.

Mr Warren believes his party have taken great strides in the Quays area as well as Blackfriars but still thinks there is more the party must do in Salford in the long-term to become a true threat to Labour. Their plan to clean up plastic pollution, put on night trams, and increasing disabled access across Salford is something that the group hope will see them gain momentum in this election and those in years to come.

Labor has controlled Salford City Council since 1973, something the Lib Dems are now working hard to change.

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“I think most people are quite liberal,” Mr Warren said. “This is something they can vote for.

“We want to provide everyone in Salford with an alternative to Labour. We are just giving them another option really.

“We are focusing all of our energy on Quays at the moment and then we will look to go from there. We do have some great candidates for the other wards as well.

“Getting an increased following is important to us. So we have done a really good job already, win or lose.”

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Mr Warren explained that Joe Allen in Blackfriars is also seeing a lot of traction, much like other candidates across the borough, but it will be a while before the party is likely to challenge Labor in its entirety. Currently Labor hold 53 seats in the council to the Conservatives’ seven.

The Conservative Party are currently the official opposition, however they are not fielding a candidate in every ward in the upcoming local elections on May 5. They are only contesting 16 wards.

The Liberal Democrats believe the 2022 local elections are a perfect opportunity to change the politics of Salford for the better, and they are doing everything they can to give Salford Council the political diversity and local, liberal representation. Mr Warren said that when he arrived in the area back in 2019 the Lib Dems were in a tough position, but now they are really turning things around.

The party has three main aims this election:

  1. Cleaning up Salford of plastic pollution and creating local nature reserves and green space:
    Rather than just allowing developers to build massive skyscrapers, the Lib Dems believe council should green up Salford city and give nature a home on our doorstep.
  2. Campaigning for late Night Trams and a better service for the workers and residents of Salford:
    Those with late-night work commitments or those who want to enjoy the night-life have to spend money on taxis to get back to Salford. The Lib Dems are seeking to change this.
  3. Making Salford safer and more accessible by increasing disabled access and asking for visible policing:
    Liberal Democrats are fixing street lighting, demanding a review of disabled access, following up cladding and housing issues and campaigning for a dedicated 24hr Quays policing team.
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