‘Sadistic’ teen and friends ‘laughed as they tortured doctor to death in park’


A doctor was “beaten and robbed” by two men and a teenage girl who “laughed as they tortured him to death” in a park, according to a murder trial.

Father of two, Dr. Gary Jenkins, 54, suffered life-threatening injuries in an incident in the early hours of July 20, 2021.

Dr Jenkins, who was described by those who knew him as “a loving father, husband and brother” in an emotional statement issued by his family after his death, tragically died of a serious brain injury at the University Hospital of Wales two weeks ago. after death. attack.

The Mirror reports that Jason Edwards, 25, and Lee William Strickland, 36, both from Cardiff, and a 16-year-old girl, whose name cannot be identified for legal reasons, are on trial at London Crown Court. Merthyr Tydfil, where all have denied the murder. charges

A witness described the teenager as “evil and sadistic” for her part in the assault, which was believed to be a homophobic attack on Dr. Jenkins, who was reportedly bisexual.

Edwards, of Litchfield Court, Riverside, Strickland, of no fixed address, and the youths have admitted to charges of manslaughter, bag snatching and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecutor Dafydd Enoch, opening the case on Tuesday, said the murder was motivated by “greed, homophobia and a direct taste for violence.”

He told the jury: “The man at the center of this case encountered the worst traits of humanity and, despite one person’s best efforts, could not find protection.”

Mr Enoch added: “Dr Gary Jenkins was a 54-year-old consultant psychologist who lived and worked in Cardiff.

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“On July 20 last year in the early hours of the morning he was in Bute Park in Cardiff where he was brutally beaten, robbed, tortured and left for dead by these three defendants in the dock.

The horrific attack took place in Bute Park in the early hours of Tuesday July 20 last year.
The horrific attack took place in Bute Park in the early hours of Tuesday July 20 last year.

“It was a beating apparently motivated by greed, homophobia and a simple penchant for violence. All three defendants agree that they were all present when Dr. Jenkins was attacked.”

He said: “The chilling attack was recorded by a nearby CCTV camera and she can be heard screaming ‘money’ at the top of her lungs.”

She calls Dr. Jenkins by various names, Enoch said, as Edwards could be heard saying, “Head stamp, head stamp.”

Dr. Jenkins could be heard on CCTV footage pleading with the trio over and over until he could no longer speak, Enoch said.

Loud banging was heard at Mr. Jenkins, before the girl was heard saying “Yes, I needed that.”

Mr. Enoch dismissed the girl’s claims that she only “halfway” joined the attack because she was afraid of the two older men, saying she was “not a wilted flower caught up in something she didn’t do”.

“The reality is a million miles from that scenario,” he said. “For her to have acted in such a way, she must be a very troubled young woman.

“She was loud and confident and was laughing during the attack. It was torture, pure and simple.

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“When witness Lewis Williams defended himself to stop the attack, he said: ‘I am a girl’ as if he were the victim.

“But she is no ordinary 16-year-old girl and Mr Williams described her as ‘fucking evil and sadistic’.

Addressing the jury panel before selection, Judge Daniel Williams spoke to them about the case.

He said: “The defendants are charged with the murder of Gary Jenkins, who died following an incident that took place on 20 July last year in Bute Park in central Cardiff.

The Sophia Gardens entrance to Bute Park was cordoned off following the attack.
The Sophia Gardens entrance to Bute Park was cordoned off following the attack.

“The prosecution’s case is that the defendants were involved in the theft of a bag that Gary Jenkins was carrying and the three of them subjected him to a very severe assault from which he ultimately died 16 days later.

“The case of the prosecution is that they attacked a witness who tried to intervene.

“This area of ​​Bute Park is, the prosecution says, known to be an area where gay men have sex. The prosecution says the assault on Gary Jenkins was to some extent homophobic. The murder charge is denied.”

Enoch said the teenager first met Edwards and Strickland on July 20, when the trio went to the park with the plan to rob a gay man.

“They knew what was going on in the park late at night and the vulnerable nature of the people who frequented that area,” he said.

The group met Dr. Jenkins, who was living alone in Cardiff after separating from his wife six years earlier.

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His wife is following the evidence via video link to court.

Dr. Jenkins suffered several brain hemorrhages as a result of the attack, as well as a broken jaw, a broken nose, skull swelling, and multiple rib fractures.

According to the prosecution, none of the defendants showed a “flicker” of remorse after the doctor’s death.

The case, which is expected to last four weeks and is heard before Judge Daniel Williams, continues.

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