Rylan Clark downs shots at party as he’s pictured for first time since demanding ‘gear’

Rylan admitted he has been out drinking more since his split from husband Dan left him in a ‘dark place’.

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Rylan Clark downs shots on wild night out with Ben Ofoedu

Rylan Clark downed shots of tequila with Vanessa Feltz’s husband Ben Ofoedu as they enjoyed a showbiz party last night.

The Radio 2 star enjoyed a night out for the first time since he was caught on film demanding “gimme the gear”.

Rylan, was filmed drinking shots of tequila before sucking on limes at Scott Mills’ party last night.

“That is rank,” he complained after downing the shot.

“What the f*** is that?”

Leaning into Vanessa’s camera, Rylan said: “This is why I don’t go out anymore.”

Rylan Clark downed shots with his showbiz pals last night



He downed tequlia at a boozy party and admitted that’s why he ‘doesn’t go out anymore’



“That’s what I’m talking about, Essex boys in the house,” Ben said.

Then the pair broke into song, belting out a line of Ben’s Phats & Small song Turn Around.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?” they sang.

The Radio 2 star was spotted leaving Claridge’s hotel in London’s Mayfair on Saturday night.

He showed off his new buff figure in a pair of skinny jeans and a tight black shirt as he got into a waiting car.

The Sunday Mirror’s exclusive footage shows the telly favorite say: “gimme the gear” prompting drug fears.

I have split from husband of six years Dan Neal, 42, last summer and has admitted drinking more recently.

Rylan Clark was spotted leaving a hotel in London last night



He got into a waiting car



In an episode of his Ry-union podcast, the star was asked by celebrity guest Davina McCall if he had ever taken drugs.

Rylan responded: “I’ve never been in that place where I feel that I need to do something like that.

“I was in a boyband in Ibiza, so you can imagine the world that I was in living out there, [but] I never felt the need to do that. I’m a control freak.

“The thought of not being in control of something, even when I’ve had a drink. Lately I’ve gone out a few times and drunk more than I usually would, I’m quite honest about it.”

Rylan was caught on camera demanding ‘gimme the gear’



He wasn’t happy about being filmed on a night out



Earlier this month Rylan proudly shown off his six pack and rippling muscles after transforming his body following the end of his marriage.

He packed on muscle and was enjoying a positive outlook after transforming himself thanks to the help of a personal trainer.

The TV host explained: “Getting fit and looking after my body has saved me. Fitness has given me a goal.”

He went on: “It’s done more for my mental health than it has for my body, which is a crazy thing to say because you can physically see the body change.”

He also commented on how exercise helped rescue him from a low point following the collapse of his marriage to 42-year-old Dan in 2021.

Rylan’s split from husband Dan left him in a ‘dark place’


ITV This Morning)

He said: “For my head, it was the best distraction, and at the same time it was a way to release a lot of emotion and focus on something other than what’s going on around me.

“It’s like hitting a reset button in your head. I’ve never had that before.”

Rylan, who towers over most at 6ft 2inches in height, said he lost a “dangerous” amount of weight, dropping below 10 stone.

He has since reached a weight of over 14 stone after gaining muscle following his workout regimen.

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