Rwanda migrants: Boris Johnson’s plan ‘immoral and impractical’, former Tory cabinet minister says

Boris Johnson promises to ‘set record straight’ on Partygate fine in parliament next week

Boris Johnson’s multi-million pound deal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda while their claims are processed have been condemned as “immoral”, “impractical”, and will involve “astronomical” costs.

The remarks from Andrew Mitchell—a Tory MP and former cabinet minister—came after the prime minister unveiled the plan, which could see thousands of people flown over 4,000 miles to the African country.

speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Mitchell said he recognized that ministers were attempting to tackle “what is a terrible problem” after 28,000 people came to the UK “illicitly” in 2021.

“The government is quite rightly trying to break the smugglers’ sordid and deathly model, and so I am absolutely behind them in doing that,” he said.


Does anyone else feel like we’re living in an episode of The Thick Of It?

As hilarious as it is to see actors mock our elected officials, it really isn’t so funny when you see these scenarios play out in real life, emma clarke writes.

Read Emma’s full piece here:

Matt Mathers15 April 2022 11:42


At Easter we must reflect on the truth that politics cannot save us – even ‘Christian’ politics

Christianity has long been used as a political weapon in global powerplay, writes Tim Farron MP.

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Matt Mathers15 April 2022 11:11


Sending migrants to Rwanda will save money in the long term, minister insists

Sending migrants to Rwanda will save Britain money in the “longer term”, a minister has argued, despite critics describing the costs involved as “eye-watering”.

Mr Pursglove said: “There is this £120 million payment upfront to establish this partnership and, as we move forward, we will continue to make contributions to Rwanda as they process the cases, in a manner that is similar to the amount of money we are spending on this currently here in the United Kingdom.

“But longer term, by getting this under control, it should help us to save money.

“We are spending £5 million per day accommodating individuals who are crossing in hotels.

“That is not sustainable and is not acceptable and we have to get that under control.”

Matt Mathers15 April 2022 10:48


PM wants first ‘illegal’ migrants flown to Rwanda in six weeks

The prime minister wants to see the first migrants handed a ‘one-way ticket’ to Rwanda flown out in roughly six weeks as the government battles to curb Channel crossings.

Boris Johnson is reportedly keen for the first flight carrying those deemed to have arrived in the UK illegally – including those taking to the water to embark on the perilous journey in small boats – to leave late next month, marking the start of plans to move thousands within the next few years.

Amy Gibbons have more below:

Matt Mathers15 April 2022 10:45


ICYMI: Voters oppose Boris Johnson plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, new poll finds

The YouGov survey, conducted within hours of the prime minister’s confirmation of the £120m scheme, found that 42 per cent of those questioned opposed it against just 35 per cent who were supportive.

Our politics editor Andrew Woodcock have the story:

Matt Mathers15 April 2022 10:27


Aim of scheme is so people can enjoy ‘fully prosperous’ lives, minister claims

The aim of the government’s Rwanda asylum seeker plan is to help people enjoy “fully prosperous lives”, a government minister has claimed.

Conservative MP Tom Pursglove told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The fact is that when people are transferred to Rwanda, they are under no compulsion to stay there. If they wish to leave and not enter the asylum system there, they are able to do so.

“But what will happen is that people will be processed under the Rwandan asylum system, if they are granted they can remain in Rwanda and what Rwanda want to do is to make sure those people can live fully prosperous and successful lives, and the partnership agreement we’ve got with them will help them to achieve that.”

He said the cost involved for Britain would “very much depend on the volumes of individuals who are being relocated” and “the length of time they spend in the Rwandan asylum system”.

“It is impossible to quantify those figures at the moment because the fact is there are variables at play here that are very relevant to those overall sums of money,” he said, before adding that UK payments to Rwanda will be “pretty equivalent” to what is being spent domestically.

Mr Pursglove said he was “not putting a timescale” on how long the new approach would take to stop Channel small boat crossings from occurring.

The aim is that those transferred to Rwanda and accepted for asylum there will be able to enjoy “fully prosperous” lives, according to a UK Government minister.

Matt Mathers15 April 2022 10:06


Rwandan asylum seeker plan ‘immoral’ and ‘impractical’, says former Tory cabinet minister

Boris Johnson’s multi-million pound deal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda while their claims are processed have been condemned as “immoral”, “impractical”, and will involve “astronomical” costs.

Our politics correspondent Ashley Cowburn has the full story:

Matt Mathers15 April 2022 09:52


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