Russian naval ship destroyed in fire and smoke near besieged Ukraine city


A Russian landing ship docked in a Ukrainian city under enemy siege has caught fire amid reports of an “explosion” heard nearby.

Thick plumes of black smoke were seen billowing into the sky by shocked locals who shared the pictures on the internet.

They revealed a Russian ship, the alligator-class Orsk, inferno with flames coming from the deck of the vessel. Local reports have suggested another vessel has sank, although it has not been confirmed.

The shocking photographs were captured in occupied Berdyansk on the Sea of ​​Azov.

Its port, 50 miles from besieged Mariupol, is being used by Moscow to resupply its military nearby with armor, food and weaponry.

Thick plumes of black smoke filled sky in Berdyansk this morning
Thick plumes of black smoke filled sky in Berdyansk this morning

As the ship burned several suggested they heard explosions nearby, while others believe it was the sound of thousands of rounds of ammunition burning, report Mirror Online.

Ukraine’ security service said of the incident: “At 7 am The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a large landing ship Orsk of the occupying army near the seaport of Berdyansk. Two more ships were damaged.

“Also, a 3,000-ton fuel tank was destroyed. The fire spread to the enemy’s ammunition depot. Details of the damage inflicted on the occupier are being clarified.”

The Ukrainian Navy wrote on Facebook in a brief post: “A large paratrooper ship Orsk of the black sea fleet of occupiers was destroyed in the occupied Russian port Berdyansk.

“Glory to Ukraine!”

Accompanying the post was a video of the heavily damaged ship burning in the port. A small explosion is clearly seen.

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It is unknown if there were any casualties or what caused the blaze.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “They even cheered me up with their message.

“Glory to our armed forces, glory to our volunteers and glory to our Ukrainians who did not flee from Ukraine, and who supports our state and our army with what they can.

“Ukraine will stand, glory to Ukraine. Thank you to our warriors, and the Lord for waking up today and meeting a new sunny day.”

One person wrote on Twitter: “In temporarily occupied Berdyansk, explosions are heard in the port and clouds of smoke are visible.

“According to some reports, this is ammunition exploding, one ship sank, the second was damaged, the third is trying to sail away.”

Another added: “After Berdyansk on the Sea of ​​Azov in 80km from #Mariupol was seized, troops started shipping local grain through the sea port or simply stealing it.

“But unexpectedly it took fire heavily damaging ships and it’s still going on!”

The ship has been docked at the port since Monday, according to Russian military
The ship has been docked at the port since Monday, according to Russian military

Local reports also suggested the burning ship was the Orsk which docked on Monday.

At the time the website of the Russian armed forces news outlet Zvezda (Star) reported. “It is hard to overestimate the possibilities of using this port.

“Now the southern flank of the special operation can receive everything necessary at any time, including equipment and


Port city Berdyansk, in the south-east Ukraine is home to 100,000 people, and has been under Russian rule since February 27.

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At the time acting mayor Oleksandr Svidlo said: “’Some time ago, armed soldiers entered the executive committee building and introduced themselves as soldiers of the Russian army.

“They informed us that all administrative buildings were under their control and that they were taking control of the executive committee building.”

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