Russian invasion of Ukraine set for ‘3am tomorrow’ with missiles and tank attack – World News

Intelligence sources state Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will begin on Wednesday afternoon with Europe on the brink of war despite Vladimir Putin pulling back some of his country’s forces

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Russia’s Defense Ministry shares tanks moving back to base

Kremlin chiefs will order an attack on Ukraine at 3am local time tomorrow, American intelligence agencies believe.

They could target Kyiv’s military and government command and control centers with a barrage of air strikes before tanks roll over the border.

At the same time Russian amphibious warships could storm Ukraine’s southern coastline. It comes as Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned a Russian invasion ‘would not stop at Ukraine’.

Europe could be just a few hours from all-out war in Ukraine, despite last ditch diplomatic moves and a possible standing down of some Moscow troops.

The ominous news arrives hours after Russia pulled back forces from the Ukraine border.

Russia had pulled back some of its forces but sources say an attack is a day away


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Senior sources said a Moscow attack would be “almost certainly from multiple points” over Ukraine’s southern, eastern and northern flanks.

The Mirror’s senior American source warned our team in Kyiv with a simple one line message saying: “3am Wednesday.”

It comes as Britain warned a Russian invasion of Ukraine is highly likely, could be imminent and would pose a threat to Europe’s wider stability.

Russia has more than 126,000 troops massed near the eastern border of Ukraine.

A satellite image shows a troop housing area and military equipments in Rechitsa, Belarus



It also has 80,000 Moscow-loyal soldiers in Belarus to the north and thousands of marines on board warships in the Black Sea, threatening Ukraine’s southern coast.

Russian political leaders deny Western accusations that it is planning to invade, but say it could take unspecified “military-technical” action unless a range of demands are met, including barring Kyiv from ever joining the NATO alliance.

Despite the warning from America it is still believed there is a chance of halting war – but that is fading rapidly.

Russian armed forces artillery units conduct combat exercises in the Opuk training area in annexed Crimea



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden on Monday agreed in a call on Monday that there was a crucial window for diplomacy.

But British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said an invasion could be imminent, and Russian troops could reach Kyiv “very, very quickly.”

“This is… about the wider stability of Europe,” she said.

“And it’s about wider global stability, and the message that we give to aggressors and we have to give the message to Vladimir Putin that there can be no reward for aggression.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘will order an invasion’ on Wednesday, sources claim


POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Truss echoed politicians in the United States who have warned that a so-called “false flag” operation could be used by Moscow to trigger a conflict.

“It is still the case that an invasion could be imminent, and it is highly likely,” she said.

It comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared Wednesday a day of national unity.

In a decree signed on Monday, he ordered the playing of the national anthem and display of flags and flag ribbons around the country.

A satellite image shows helicopter deployments near Crimea



At the same time as some Russian troops were returning to their bases they have deployed mine scattering vehicles capable of laying minefields the size of several football pitches.

And it is feared they have also moved up devastating thermobaric flamethrowers capable of sending a fireball several miles long at the enemy.

It is dubbed the “sunburn.”

Mr Putin and his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov have agreed to continue down the path of negotiations, prompting hopes that there could still be a way to avert war.

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The West accused Russia of increased military buildup as more than 100,000 Russian troops have massed near the border.

A Downing Street source said there was “some hope” that diplomacy could work and Russia could step back.

Russia pulled back some of its forces from the Ukraine border in what was seen as a move that could reduce tensions.

Some Kremlin troops in military districts adjacent to their eastern European neighbors are returning to bases after completing drills, Russia’s defense ministry was quoted as saying.

A battle group are captured departing from a vehicle park in Yelnya, Russia



Russia Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said: “Units of the Southern and Western military districts that have completed their missions have already begun boarding rail and automobile transport and will begin relocating to their garrisons today.

“Separate units will march on foot as part of military convoys.”

He continued: “A number of combat training exercises, including drills, have been conducted as planned.”

Britain would need to see a full-scale removal of Russian troops from the border with Ukraine to believe that Moscow has no plans for an invasion, Foreign Secretary Mrs Truss said.

President Putin has always denied he was planning an invasion and blamed the West for peddling a false narrative, despite his country’s military maneuvers mirroring textbook preparations for an attack.

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