Russia claims that its goal is total control of Donbas

Moscow has assured that its objectives for this second phase of the war in ukraine are take the full control of Donbas and the south of the country, and open a land corridor connecting Russia with the Crimean peninsulaunilaterally annexed by Russian troops in 2014 and home to its Black Sea fleet.

This has been assured by the acting chief of the Central Military Circumscription, Major General Rustam Minnekeyev, at a meeting of the Union of Defense Industry Companies, according to Russian agencies.

The military high command has added that control of southern Ukraine, which borders the Black Sea, will improve communication with Transnistriaa self-proclaimed independent republic in Moldova, bordering Ukraine, where there is a significant Russian-speaking population. kyiv fears that this region could be used as a launching pad for new attacks against it, within the russian invasionof which this Friday marks 58 days since its inception.

“Control over the south of Ukraine is also an access to Transnistria where acts of discrimination against Russian-speaking residents are also verified,” Minnekéyev said.

The Ukrainian government assured earlier this month that an airfield in Transnistria was being prepared to receive planes and be used by Moscow to send troops to Ukraineaccusations that have been denied by both the Moldovan Ministry of Defense and the Transnistrian authorities.

“Fighting the Whole World”

“To all appearances, we are now fighting the whole world as it was during the Great Patriotic War (as Russia calls the period from 1941 to 1945 of the Second World War), the whole of Europe, the whole world was against us. And now (is happening) the same, they never liked russiasaid the general.

So far both the Russian president, Vladimir Putinas his defense minister, Sergei Shoiguthey had only spoken that the “main” objective of the Russian military campaign in this second phase was the “complete liberation of Donbas”, but had not commented on the south, although there the Russian forces carry out heavy shelling in Mykolaiv, and in the Kherson region.

kyiv has always been clear that Russia’s goal is to create a land corridor from Crimea to Donbas, but Minnekeyev’s words imply going further west on the peninsula from the city of Kherson, which they already control, pass through Mykolaiv and Odessa.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry PeskovAsked if this means a change in Russia’s plans, he only said that he does not comment on “the special military operation” in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has reacted to Russia’s plans, which it has described as “imperialism”. “They no longer hide it,” the ministry said in a Twitter message, adding that the Moscow government thus recognizes “that the goal of the second phase of the war is not victory over the mythical Nazis, but simply the occupation of eastern and southern Ukraine. Imperialism as it is.”

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Offensive on the Donbas

Meanwhile, they continue Russian bombing in the Donbas region. The shells have landed in Krasnyy Lyman, Buhayikva, Barvinkove, Lyman and Popasna, according to British intelligence information. The same source assures that Moscow has decided to take non-operational equipment back to Russia to repair it and thus reconstitute its forces after having suffered serious losses.

According to the latest release from the Ukrainian military high command, fighting has intensified in Donetsk and in the Tavriya districtand the offensive continues in the direction of Novtoshkivske, Popasna, Zarichne and Rubizhne.

The Russian Defense Ministry, for its part, assures that its air force has reached 58 military targets overnight, reports the Tass agency. The pro-Russian militia from the Lugansk region have also claimed that they control 90% of the territory of the self-proclaimed people’s republic.

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