Russia bombs Irpin during civilian evacuation

The ceasefire that was scheduled for this Sunday in the Ukrainian town of Irpin to establish a humanitarian corridor has failed. The russian army has bombed in the morning an evacuation point for civilians and, as TVE has learned, there are some fatalities.

The attacks by the invading troops have come at a time when many residents They were heading towards the place where the buses and vehicles that were going to take them away were waiting. of the clashes. Entire families were advancing along streets and sidewalks with the help of Ukrainian soldiers when the explosions began and they had to take cover.

Several photojournalists working in that area have witnessed the bombardment and have documented the death of at least one woman, one man and their daughter. the New York Times has posted an image of a family on the ground, the caption of which indicates that they were trying to flee when they were hit by mortar shells.

The Kiev Government Communications Center has also reported this attack, of which some images have been shared on social networks that have been verified by and that show how the attack was carried out. hasty departure of civilians under fire of the Russian troops.

Putin denies Macron that his army is attacking civilians

The adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, has indicated in his Telegram account that the Russian troops “opened mortar fire” during the evacuation and speaks of at least three people killed, including two children.

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However, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin has “denied” that his army is “attacking civilians”, during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, according to Agence France-Presse. The French president has asked him not to endanger civilians, following what international law indicates, the Elysee said on Sunday.

This same source points out that Putin has stated that “The responsability” to let the civilian population out was “for the Ukrainians”.

Irpin, a crucial city in the Russian offensive

When eleven days of invasion are completed, Russia continues its offensive in the south, with the aim of cutting off Ukraine’s outlet to the sea, and has launched attacks on the northern regions to encircle Kiev. Specifically, the fighting continues, in addition to Irpin, in Hóstomel and Makariv.

A group of civilians tries to flee as Russian attacks continue. REUTERS REUTERS/Carlos Barrios

West of the capital, an air attack has destroyed ten houses in the Yitomir or Zhitómir region. At least one person has died in this offensive and five more are injured, including a child.

In the Russian offensive Irpin is a crucial city; It is located northwest of the capital, about 20 kilometers away, and is the last obstacle in the event of an eventual assault by Russian forces on Kiev.

Civilians cross a destroyed bridge when they try to leave Irpin, this Saturday. Agencja via REUTERS

At South of that country, in the city of Mariupol, the plan to evacuate civilians has also failed (and for the second time). Russian and Ukrainian forces blame each other for having violated the ceasefire, as happened a day earlier, while thousands of people try to survive as they can in the middle of the bombing and without water or electricity.

Un hombre ayuda a una anciana a correr para cubrirse después de un fuerte bombardeo.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5003533568904595,”seo”:”tropas-rusas-avanzan-hacia-capital-irpin-cerca-kiev”,”alt”:”Russian troops advance towards the capital of Kyiv in Irpin”,”title”:”Las tropas rusas avanzan hacia la capital, en Irpin, cerca de Kiev”,”sign”:”CB/PD”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Las tropas rusas avanzan hacia la capital, en Irpin, cerca de Kiev”,”encodedTitle”:”Las%20tropas%20rusas%20avanzan%20hacia%20la%20capital%2C%20en%20Irpin%2C%20cerca%20de%20Kiev”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646569406687.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646569406687.jpg”},”description”:”

Una niña que huye de la invasión rusa de Ucrania llega a la estación de tren de Zahony, en Hungría.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.4998636487592036,”seo”:”miles-personas-huyen-hacia-hungria-polonia”,”alt”:”People fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine arrive in Hungary”,”title”:”Miles de personas huyen hacia Hungría y Polonia”,”sign”:”SEC/OLG”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Miles de personas huyen hacia Hungría y Polonia”,”encodedTitle”:”Miles%20de%20personas%20huyen%20hacia%20Hungr%C3%ADa%20y%20Polonia”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646569409547.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646569409547.jpg”},”description”:”

Un miembro de las Fuerzas de Defensa Territorial de Ucrania, la reserva militar de las Fuerzas Armadas de Ucrania, hace guardia junto a las estructuras antitanques que bloquean las calles del centro de Kiev.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.59254327563249,”seo”:”se-intensifica-cerco-kiev”,”alt”:” “,”title”:”Se intensifica el cerco a Kiev”,”sign”:null,”source”:”AFP”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Se intensifica el cerco a Kiev”,”encodedTitle”:”Se%20intensifica%20el%20cerco%20a%20Kiev”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646569406232.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646569406232.jpg”},”description”:”

La gente intenta conseguir un tren de evacuación en la estación de tren de Dnipro.

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Ucranianos desplazados descansan en el Monasterio Resurrección Nuevo Athos en la ciudad ucraniana occidental de Lviv.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.4983689742660384,”seo”:”miles-personas-han-sido-desplazadas-hogares”,”alt”:” “,”title”:”Miles de personas han sido desplazadas de sus hogares”,”sign”:”AFP”,”source”:”AFP”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Miles de personas han sido desplazadas de sus hogares”,”encodedTitle”:”Miles%20de%20personas%20han%20sido%20desplazadas%20de%20sus%20hogares”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646555630541.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646555630541.jpg”},”description”:”

El Secretario de Estado de EE. UU., Antony Blinken, se reúne con la primera ministra moldava, Natalia Gavrilita, en la Casa de Gobierno de Chisinau, Moldavia.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5533310321021747,”seo”:”blinken-visita-moldavia”,”alt”:”U.S. Secretary of State Blinken visits Chisinau”,”title”:”Blinken visita Moldavia”,”sign”:”REUTERS”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Blinken visita Moldavia”,”encodedTitle”:”Blinken%20visita%20Moldavia”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646555631070.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646555631070.jpg”},”description”:”

Manifestantes sostienen carteles durante una protesta contra la guerra en Ucrania en el Ayuntamiento de Sídney, en Australia,

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”protestas-contra-guerra-se-multiplican-alrededor-del-mundo”,”alt”:”Protest against the war in Ukraine in Sydney, Australia”,”title”:”Las protestas contra la guerra se multiplican alrededor del mundo”,”sign”:”BDM mmd”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Las protestas contra la guerra se multiplican alrededor del mundo”,”encodedTitle”:”Las%20protestas%20contra%20la%20guerra%20se%20multiplican%20alrededor%20del%20mundo”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646548663045.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646548663045.jpg”},”description”:” “,”imgRatio”:1.7777777777777777,”seo”:”mas-millon-personas-han-abandonado-pais-segun-onu”,”alt”:”Guerra de Ucrania y Rusia, última hora en directo”,”title”:”Más de un millón de personas han abandonado el país, según la ONU”,”sign”:null,”source”:” “,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Más de un millón de personas han abandonado el país, según la ONU”,”encodedTitle”:”M%C3%A1s%20de%20un%20mill%C3%B3n%20de%20personas%20han%20abandonado%20el%20pa%C3%ADs%2C%20seg%C3%BAn%20la%20ONU”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646473116796.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646473116796.jpg”},”description”:”

Las tropas rusas entraron en Ucrania el 24 de febrero, lo que provocó un éxodo masivo de ucranianos a los países vecinos como así como desplazamientos internos. (Rusia, Ucrania)

n”,”imgRatio”:1.3307692307692307,”seo”:”tanque-destruido-ciudad-makariv”,”alt”:”Aftermath of fighting in Makariv, Ukraine”,”title”:”Un tanque destruido en la ciudad de Makariv”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/STR”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Un tanque destruido en la ciudad de Makariv”,”encodedTitle”:”Un%20tanque%20destruido%20en%20la%20ciudad%20de%20Makariv”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507636141.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507636141.jpg”},”description”:”

Una mujer llora mientras consuela a su hijo después de saber que tiene que dejar un autobús que estaba reservado para la evacuación de los huérfanos que huyen de la invasión rusa en curso fuera de la estación principal de tren en Lviv.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5558148580318942,”seo”:”rusia-ucrania-acordaron-abrir-corredores-humanitarios-segunda-ronda-negociaciones”,”alt”:”Refugees fleeing the Russian invasion wait for transit in Lviv”,”title”:”Rusia y Ucrania acordaron abrir corredores humanitarios en la segunda ronda de negociaciones “,”sign”:”KP/”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Rusia y Ucrania acordaron abrir corredores humanitarios en la segunda ronda de negociaciones “,”encodedTitle”:”Rusia%20y%20Ucrania%20acordaron%20abrir%20corredores%20humanitarios%20en%20la%20segunda%20ronda%20de%20negociaciones%20″,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507672925.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507672925.jpg”},”description”:”

Una niña mira por la ventana mientras espera dentro de un tren que lleva refugiados a Polonia en la estación de tren de Lviv

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5248027057497182,”seo”:”conflicto-suma-13-millones-refugiados-segun-ultimo-balance-naciones-unidas”,”alt”:” “,”title”:”El conflicto suma 1,3 millones de refugiados, según el último balance de Naciones Unidas”,”sign”:”AFP”,”source”:”AFP”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”El conflicto suma 1,3 millones de refugiados, según el último balance de Naciones Unidas”,”encodedTitle”:”El%20conflicto%20suma%201%2C3%20millones%20de%20refugiados%2C%20seg%C3%BAn%20el%20%C3%BAltimo%20balance%20de%20Naciones%20Unidas”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}}]” data-img_server=””>

    Russian troops advance towards the capital, in Irpin, near Kiev

    A man helps an elderly woman run for cover after heavy shelling.


    Thousands of people flee to Hungary and Poland

    A girl fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine arrives at the Zahony train station in Hungary.


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