Russell Grant’s 2022 horoscopes predict your love life and relationships in year ahead

Do you need to stop apologising for being true to yourself? Should you step back into the shadows? Are you forgetting your own needs as you attempt to please others? See Russell Grant’s predictions for your relationships in 2022…

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See what the stars have in store for your love life (stock image)

As we greet a new year, what do the stars have in store for you?

Russell Grant gives his predictions for your life in relationships during the year ahead.

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Aries. March 21–April 20

Listen to your conscience when faced with a relationship dilemma as the year begins. Unless you make a definite decision, stress will continue to grow. Don’t apologise for being true to yourself.

It’s important that your family and friends accept you for who you are. Enjoy your relationships in the spring and summer.

Working harmoniously with others will inspire you to develop your creative ideas, and as a team you will find ways to achieve mutual goals. A strange incident as the year ends will prove you are number one in your amour’s heart, as they are in yours.

Taurus. April 21-May 21

With Venus retrograde as the year begins, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dwelling on a past relationship.

Your ex could come back into your life and turn your world upside down. Mid-February will bring opportunities to move forward with travel, wedding and family plans.

Are you single? You will meet several people in the spring who share your creative interests and by the summer you will know you have found the love of your life. Getting together with friends as the year ends will be essential to your happiness.

Will you find the love of your life in 2022?


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Gemini. May 22-June 21

You will have probably intended it for some time but you will be ready in the spring to get family affairs in order. This may mean visiting relatives and getting others to face up to making joint decisions.

New people who come into your life in the summer will have done so for a reason. Go with the flow and it will be through your relationships that you start to discover your life’s lessons and purpose.

You’ve always enjoyed working in groups and through joining a club or political organisation your social circle will grow. Look to get involved with something new.

Cancer. June 22-July 23

After abandoning yourself to the recent celebrations, you will welcome the chance to get out of the spotlight and step back into the shadows. Hopes you are holding onto from the past require renewal before you can make progress.

If a love affair has run its course, let it go. Relationships will improve when you are honest about your feelings.

Are you single? Taking a different approach to your life and relationships will bring a deeper level of contentment. Embrace your freedom. Life will get better as you become more confident in yourself and with your abilities.

Leo. July 24-Aug 23

A confusing issue that causes tension in the family in January can be resolved if you are honest with yourself and others. You can be truthful without making a difficult situation worse.

Be yourself in all relationships and you will express yourself effortlessly. Are you single? Meeting someone in the spring who is affectionate and highly complementary will give you a renewed zest for life.

You might even decide to move overseas. It is time to leave the past behind and expand your horizons. The more time you and a partner spend together the stronger your relationship will grow.

Virgo. Aug 24-Sept 23

You find it easier to give than to receive. A close friend or loved one will want to give you a token of their appreciation as the year begins. Be thankful for praise and gifts received.

This is an expression of their love and it allows others to feel the pleasure of giving. Venus is close to Mars around Valentine’s Day which will bring romance into your life in a powerful way.

Are you single? Let a friend make an introduction. Creating a home life that feels cosy and secure and filling your home with love will be a priority during the latter half of the year.

Libra. Sept 24–Oct 23

Worrying about the past puts you under unnecessary pressure. You can’t change what has been but if you want to make changes in your current relationship, think about what you can do now to make for a happier future.

If a relationship is over, it ended for a reason. Don’t keep hoping you will get back together again. A new romance will take flower in the spring.

An existing relationship will flourish as you pour your energy into the beautiful things you choose to do together. Making a big effort to improve a partnership will help you feel empowered.

Scorpio. Oct 24-Nov22

There are so many conflicting ways to be and so many people expressing their views as the year begins. It will be easy for you to forget your own needs in your attempts to please others.

Instead of trying to be who you feel other people want you to be, find your North Star and follow it. Don’t try to fit in with the crowd. You are your own person and not a sheep to follow others.

Live every day in your own unique way. Taking regular short trips with your amour and close friends will refresh and revive you, so talk to them and get some dates in the diary.

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Sagittarius. Nov 23-Dec 21

Stay focused on the present as the year begins. Venus has its finger on the replay button but dwelling on past relationships will make you miserable. Fill your life with the activities you enjoy the most.

Pretty soon you will be thinking about the future and making long-term plans. Invitations to weddings, parties and family celebrations will pour in during the summer.

Mixing with vivacious people will boost your energy and lift your optimism. If you are single, don’t be surprised if your love life moves on and you receive a marriage proposal before the year ends.

Capricorn. Dec 22-Jan 20

It might feel as if your life has been taken by storm in the spring when some massive change in your relationships will take some getting used to.

Are you single? You will radiate animal magnetism and it will come as some surprise that you suddenly have your pick of several admirers. You might use the time in July to recuperate from all the upheaval.

Planning something extra-specially romantic for the autumn will keep the passion alive. Financial and material rewards will come through a partnership as the year ends. Try to think long-term with any windfall you get.

Aquarius. Jan 21-Feb 19

With Venus close to Mars in your sign at the start of March, forming a romantic or business partnership is a strong possibility. Whatever you commit to at this time you will be determined to make it work.

Friends know they can rely on you for your support whenever they feel out of their depth. Equally there are some beautiful people in your life who will never let you down should you need to call on them.

Lasting friendships will be formed with people who share many of your interests. It will feel as if you have a lot to learn from each other.

Pisces. Feb 20-Mar 20

Someone has been relying on you for too long to listen to their tales of woe and to dry their tears. Remember, their problems are not your problems.

As the year begins you will be ready to break free from restrictive relationships and to break any cycle of co-dependency.

With your charisma soaring at an all-time high in the spring you will be attracting many interesting people into your life and it will be through a close friend or romantic partner that you will realise a special dream.

Arranging a big celebration will bring out the best in you in December.

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