Rufián believes that they may be the last Budgets before the elections

The leader of ERC in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Ruffian, believes that State’s general budgets, that are in process, may be the last of the Government before an election and he has indicated that, although his training is “far” from reaching an agreement with the Executive, he continues to advance.

“The (electoral) scenario that can be seen for 2023 may suggest that, Perhaps, we are not negotiating annual Budgets but for two years, because the PSOE may need to detach itself from certain forces to recover electoral territory ”, has considered Rufián in an interview in RNE.

The Republican leader has said be “aware” of this possibilityd and so it has been transferred to the PSOE but “They say no, although it is logical.”

Regarding the negotiation of the coalition government with his parliamentary group, Rufián has highlighted that “What costs the most” is the political part, the one referred to the quota of protection of Catalan in the future audiovisual law, and not the one relating to investments for Catalonia. “The bad news is that we are far away” of the pact, he has acknowledged, although he has said that the good news is “that progress is being made and, the best thing, is that it is being negotiated.”

Once the Executive passed the process of amendments to the entirety a few days ago to the PGE (which, as he recalled, ERC was “15 minutes” from submitting one), the process now faces a “second phase” of partial amendments which is “the central one and the one that can lead to more difficulties”. “We go slow but we go and I hope that a satisfactory agreement is reached for both parties ”, he added.

ERC vote gets sweaty, we have demonstrated it ”, has reiterated Rufián, who has criticized that the PSOE is “sometimes too haughty”, especially after his Federal Congress in Valencia last October, and has warned: “They must better grease all that conglomerate of forces that support this coalition.”

On the other hand, he has denounced certain “lack of control” on the part of the Executive both in the processing of the Budgets and in the negotiation with the groups. He highlighted that this Tuesday night a vote was suspended in the Budget Committee that was scheduled for the end of the plenary session, something that has highlighted that it may have happened “for the first time in 40 years.”

The Democratic Memory Law is “very far” from what ERC proposes

Rufián has also referred to another negotiation in parallel to that of the Budgets, that of the Democratic Memory Law of the government. Rufián has indicated that his training had “quite intense” contacts before and during the summer in which ERC ended up presenting an alternative law and 55 pages to the Executive for study, but he has not given, he said, a response.

“The agreement is quite far. Very far”, has continued. “We know that the PSOE wants to close it with Cs and that is very bad news. There they ”, he added.

However, he has denied that there are positions of maximums in the negotiation. “We are always ready to talk and negotiateWe already did it with (former Vice President Carmen) Calvo. We continue to do so with (the Minister of the Presidency, Félix) Bolaños, “he assured, and added:” We ask for something as simple as that a democratic regime is capable of declaring one that emerged from a coup d’etat not only invalid and illegitimate. , but illegal. This seems to be very difficult and it seems dramatic to us ”.

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