RSPCA’s longest-staying dog ‘desperate to get out of kennels’ after 500 days


Nine-year-old German shepherd Jake is the longest-staying resident at RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Center in London and has been waiting more than 500 days to find his forever home

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Nine-year-old Jake is looking for a retirement home to spend his last few years

A senior dog with a huge heart has been waiting more than 500 days for a loving family to see past his age and take him home.

Jake the German Shepherd is the longest-standing resident at RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Centre, and staff say he is “desperate to get out of kennels” as the search for his forever home continues.

The nine-year-old affectionate boy has watched his friends come and go, including Izzi, a young crossbreed who was adopted in February, and Hattie, a cocker spaniel who recently found a new home after 71 weeks.

Following Hattie’s departure, Jake has taken her title as the longest-staying dog at the animal shelter, reports MyLondon.

Animal care assistant, Cathie Ward, said: “He’s lovely – he loves a cuddle, loves a scratch, loves a stroke. He’s really good to walk…he always listens to you.”

Staff adore Jake and can’t wait for him to find a family



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Jake arrived at Southridge in November 2020, after a change in his owner’s circumstances meant that they could no longer care for him.

In his 16-month stay, he has had a couple of applications from new owners, but none of them have worked out.

And with every day that he gets older, his luck is running out.

Cathie believes Jake’s senior age is one of the contributing factors that has kept him at the center – as people worry how long they will have with him.

His older age is putting potential adopters off



“With us here, we think differently: we love the oldies [being rehomed] because it gives them that nice, loving home, even if they’ve only got a couple of years with them…That’s quite rewarding in my eyes,” she said.

The “lovely boy” has warmed the hearts of the staff at the center, who have got to know him well.

While he can be wary of strangers at first, after a few introductions, he becomes their best friend.

“He’s coping well enough in kennels, but it’s obviously not the same as being in a home,” said Cathie.

“He does like being around people and he gets very excited to see you in the morning. He’s a good boy.”

It’ll be a bittersweet moment when he leaves



Jake can be nervous of other dogs, so his ideal home would be with an experienced adult owner who has no other pets.

Training classes would help him to socialize with canines, and the center will advise this to his potential adopter.

When Jake does finally get rehomed, staff say it’ll be a “bittersweet” moment.

But while they will all miss his companionship, Cathie stresses “we’re always ecstatic when they go off.”

Southridge Animal Center is the RSPCA’s closest rescue center to London, rehoming pets in the capital and further afield.

If you think you could be Jake’s new owner, get in touch with Southridge Animal Center for more information.

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