Route through the Baztán Valley, scene of the Christmas Lottery

The announcement of the Christmas Lottery is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. You may like the story that is told more or less, but it always ends up removing values ​​such as the friendship, the solidarity, the tenderness and the generosity. Feelings on the surface framed in scenarios Christmases that end up becoming Tourist claim. That has happened with the spot of this 2021, shot in the Baztán Valley, a rural area in the north of Navarra that has increased in the last days his number of visitors and the sale of Christmas tenths. An ideal place for a lottery escape weekend.

Scenario of legend: Caves of Zugarramurdi

The Baztán Valley is “a destination that catches you on the outside and renews you on the inside”, according to the motto chosen by the Navarrese Administration to make its land known. The municipality is located 58 kilometers from the capital of the community, Pamplona, ​​and is made up ofr 15 towns, all of them worth visiting. However, there are certain hiding places within the valley that have been turned into a fairy tale space due to the magic they possess. One of them are Zugarramurdi Caves, enigmatic and well known for their legends about witches, covens and devil worship. Mystery and nature that inspired the famous film by Álex de la Iglesia The witches of Zugarramurdi, which you can see for free on RTVE Play. So, those who decide to travel to Navarra to buy their ticket cannot miss this location full of history.

Zugarramurdi Caves | Christmas Lottery 2021 Getty Images/iStockphoto iStock

Elizondo and surroundings, book inspiration

Not only the announcement of the Christmas Lottery or the Spanish cinema has looked towards that dream destination, but the soap operas they have also made the place popular. The most recognized is the Baztán trilogy, from Dolores Round, three deliveries of thriller police that were inspired by a real case. The plot begins on the banks of the Baztán River and unfolds in different areas of the Valley. The impact of this saga was so great that the cinema brought it to the screen, shooting in locations such as Elizondo, a population also chosen to place the lottery advertisement.

Elizondo | Christmas Lottery 2021 Getty Images/iStockphoto iStock

Therefore, whoever travels to this place to get the fortune ticket, must make a route through the town. Wandering around, enjoying the facades of their houses, crossing the Txokoto Bridge, feel the silence mixing with the sound of the river and taste the cheese or chocolate, delicacies of the area, are some of the things to do. In addition, for the most curious, there is a Guided tour of the settings of Redondo’s novel.

España Directo – We discover the town of the Baztán trilogy

Irurita welcomes christmas

Irurita is the second largest locality from Baztán after the capital, Elizondo. Her charms have been chosen for open ad of this year’s Christmas Lottery. And it is that the first seconds of spot they are inaugurated with houses posing like a postcard, buildings that belong to this stately town. Whoever decides to visit the place to buy their ticket must visit the palaces, mansions and houses emblazoned on its streets. Also not to be missed historical areas such as the Jauregizuria Palace, the Torre House, the Santa Rosa de Lima, the Duquesa de Goienetxe Square, the 18th century Casa Gastón, or the Dorrea, a medieval Gothic construction from the 15th century.

A man looks at his mailbox and finds a tenth

Look at other routes you can do through the provincial cities where the Christmas Lottery Jackpot has not yet been played.

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