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At a round table held in Bilbao on the Catalan referendum, the Government’s spokesman, Jordi Turull, assured that “on October 1 they will vote.”


The Bilbao Coffee Theater has been a meeting point to hold a round table on “The application of the right to self-determination in Catalonia and the view from the Basque Country“a meeting where numerous Catalan political officials participate together with other Basques.

The Government spokesperson and Minister of the Presidency of the Generalitat have met at the meeting. Jordi Turull, the ERC spokesperson, Joan Tardá Y Jordi Sanchez, president of the Catalan National Assembly, together with Joseba Egibar (PNV), Maddalen Iriarte (EH Bildu) and Zelai Nikolas (It is in our hands).

Thus, in statements prior to his participation in the round table Jordi Turull has warned that “no matter how much insistence and strategy there is in trying to cause fear, disorientation or doubts towards the people of Catalonia, the determination of the Government of Catalonia is total, it is absolute, on October 1 you will vote, they go to see the polls, there will be all the mechanisms so that people can vote normally“.

Therefore, he has indicated that “all those people who are trying to send a message to give fear, to disorientate, for doubts, are simply wasting their time and I think they are becoming boomerang, because more and more people are If he doubted going to vote on October 1, he is going to vote. ” “Later, he will vote whatever he considers, because this is democracy, but the strategy that is being carried out from different levels reinforces us more in our commitment,” he added.

As he has stated, on October 1, apart from saying “if he wants Catalonia to be an independent state, we are also risking saving very basic aspects of democracy” and he has asked the Spanish state if it is willing to continue “loading the basic pillars of democracy at the cost of trying to stop on October 1“.

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After indicating that the key laws (the Referendum Law and the Transition Law) for the Catalan independence process will be approved “soon”, he specified that “the strategy, the times, etc., are controlled by us and we will announce it when we believe that it is more opportune “.

Joan Tardá: “Historical moment”

Joan Tardá, for his part, has assured that October 1 is “a historic and exciting moment”, and has added that they are not worried about the reaction of the State to the holding of the referendum – “they can do everything”, he pointed out- and he has urged the Basque people to “lend a hand” to the Catalan people because “now we need it, and Catalonia has never failed nor will it fail Euskal Herria.”

Joseba Egibar: “It can open doors”

The PNV spokesman in the Basque Chamber, Joseba Egibar, has been confident that the referendum will be held because it is “a fully democratic instrument to resolve political conflicts”, as he has said, and has added that he does not know what “springs” he can use the State to prevent it “unless it uses force.”

“What the Spanish government would have to do is launch its own offer, an alternative and that the Catalans decide,” he pointed out, and stated that if the referendum is held and its result is respected, “it can open doors and help democratization. “of the State.

Maddalen Iriarte: “Admiration”

The EH Bildu spokesperson, Maddalen Iriarte, has assured that since its formation Catalonia is looked at “with admiration” because “it has opened a gap in the regime of 78 of the State of the autonomies that gives way to a paradigm of sovereign states”.

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After showing her confidence and desire that the Catalan referendum be held, the nationalist leader has urged “resetting the thinking of the Spanish in recent years.” “Nobody thought that in recent years Catalonia was in this situation and a disconnection law would be carried out. This prophecy that the referendum will not be fulfilled is not like that,” he congratulated himself.

As he has stated, for those who want “the independence of Euskal Herria, it is a very important moment” and he stressed that the PNV could have given “more support” to the Catalan independence process. “Together with Podemos and PNV, initiatives have been carried out, but I think we could have carried out more initiatives,” he acknowledged.

Plenary, Wednesday

The chairman of the parliamentary group of Junts pel Si (JxS), Lluis Corominas, has stated today that the so-called “disconnection laws” could be approved in the plenary session of the Catalan Parliament to be held next Wednesday and Thursday.

According to Corominas, to pass the two laws “this week’s ordinary plenary session is a possible scenario, surely the most probable, but not the only one“.

It is in our hands

Gure Esku Dago spokeswoman Zelai Nicolás, has affirmed that Catalonia is taking important steps in favor of the right to decide, as “Scotland has also given and how the Basque Country will give”.

In his speech, Nicolás also made an appeal to citizens to take part in the demonstration in support of the Catalan process organized for next September 16 in Bilbao.

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“The right to decide unites us, unites representatives of different parties, citizens and nations,” he indicated, while underlining that “in the face of false demonstrations, democracy unites people“.

Rajoy: “Nobody is going to liquidate Spanish democracy”

For his part, in statements made this Saturday, the President of Spain Mariano Rajoy warned that “nobody is going to liquidate Spanish democracy“.

Rajoy has also referred to the possibility that the independentistas try to expressly approve the referendum law in Parliament.

“It is intended in one day to qualify the bill, include it on the agenda in which it is not, deprive the opposition of its right to amend and go to the statutory guarantees committee”, Rajoy has criticized.

“In one day some of them intend to liquidate national sovereignty and the Constitution, they are not going to do it, they have total and absolute certainty,” he indicated.

Iceta: “Barcelona will not break the law on 1-O”

The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, said today that the mayor of Barcelona and leader of the ‘commons’, Ada Colau, has assured him that the Barcelona City Council “will not break the law“next October 1, when the Generalitat plans to call an independence referendum.

Iceta has stressed that he “does not doubt” at any moment of the word of Colau, whose party, Catalunya en Comú, has approved to support the 1-O understood as a mobilization but not as a referendum, waiting to decide whether they will call or no to participation.

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