Roger Torrent denounces that Spain practices espionage against dissent




The president of the Parliament announces that he will take legal action and reveals that former CUP deputy Anna Gabriel and a member of the ANC were also spied on.

The President of Parliament, Roger Torrent, has stated that the espionage to which you have been subjected through your phone It is “inappropriate for a democratic state,” he has announced that he will take legal action and has demanded that the Spanish government “be investigated and responsibilities clarified.”

Torrent’s mobile phone was attacked in 2019 with Pegasus, a spy program developed by the Israeli company NSO thatthat only governments and security forces can buy for the purpose of combating crime and terrorism, according to an investigation by The country Y The Guardian.

In an institutional statement made from his office in Parliament, Torrent has considered that it is a “very serious” matter that serves to “verify” that in the Spanish State “espionage against political dissidence is practiced”.

According to the president of the Parliament, a few days ago he learned through two journalists from The Guardian Y The country that he had been spied on through his mobile phone taking advantage of a vulnerability in the WhatsApp application that took place between April and May 2019 using software “that can only be acquired by governments and security forces.”

This allowed those who commissioned the espionage “capture messages and conversations “ and, according to Torrent, his case serves to confirm what “various international organizations have already denounced, and that is that some states are using this software to persecute political dissidents.”

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“Today we know that, among these States, the Spanish figure,” Torrent lamented, before specifying that not only he has been the victim of espionage, but also the former CUP deputy Anna Gabriel, as well as a member of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC).

The president of the Parliament has indicated that, although it was already suspected that there was a “dirty war” against the independence movement, “it is the first time that it has been credited with reliable evidence”, and has warned that using “espionage against political adversaries is of extraordinary gravity”.

This “violates my right to privacy, the secrecy of communications and my right to defend a political project without suffering persecution”, for which he has announced that he will take legal and political action to go “to the end” of this matter.

“It is evident that there is a general cause against the independence movement that degrades democracy in the Spanish state and that would have to concern all democrats, independentists or not, “a cause, he added, which” is the same cause that causes political prisoners and exiles.

Roger Torrent has wondered “how many more people are being spied on at the moment”, a question that has been transferred to the Government after recalling the latter he claims to be “the most progressive in history.”

According to the president of the Parliament, the Government could know that he was spied on, and in this case he would be an accomplice, or he was unaware of it, and this would also “be a worrying symptom” because it would imply that there has been negligence.

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In this sense, he has demanded that “the facts be investigated and all responsibilities purged”, in addition to ending “the dirty war against independence.”

ERC has presented today in Congress a request for the appearance of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to “give explanations in relation to the alleged espionage and intrusion into the privacy of Catalan political leaders by government structures.”

JxCat has also registered in the Senate and plans to do so in Congress a petition for the appearance of Grande-Marlaska for this same matter.

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