Robles assures that the CNI acts “in accordance with the law”

The Defense Minister, Margaret Oakshas defended that the Government and the CNI They always act according to the legality in force in Spain” and regretted that the Catalan president, Pere Aragoneslink this organism with the espionage independence leaders, including himself, through the system pegasus: “We cannot sow doubts or suspicions of an organization that cannot defend itself.”

In an interview on the 24 hour channelRobles has spoken like this one day after Aragonès has frozen the dialogue table with the Government until the possible involvement of the Executive in said espionage is clarified, for which the top leaders of the ‘procés’, Carles Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras, will denounce the government before justice. The New Yorker, the newspaper that brought to light the alleged espionage of some 60 pro-independence leaders, assures that Pegasus can only be used by governmentswhich has also led to different parties (including United We Can) a ask for explanations to the Executive.

“The CNI has a limitation by law and that is that everything that refers to the CNI is secret,” said Robles, who criticized that “it is very easy” to impute actions to this body because “they know that it cannot be defended.”

In this sense, the Minister of Defense has said not being able to “confirm” or deny a newspaper information The country in which it ensures that the Executive asked to buy the Pegasus system to spy abroad, nor that the National Police or the Civil Guard have this system of cyber surveillance. He cannot, he has said, because “he would be breaking the law.” Instead, he has stressed: “We have to feel proud of Spain as a democratic and legal State”, of “all the institutions, including the CNI”.

The CNI is “subject to judicial and parliamentary control”

Robles has also explained that “all actions” of the CNI are subject to “judicial control and authorization” and also parliamentary. In this sense, he has said that he hopes that “soon” the commission will be constituted in Congress in this regard so that, “without any reservations”, all these issues can be discussed “because the submission to the law is total and absolute.”

This Tuesday, the Government denied being behind the espionage but did not clarify the role of the CNI because it is a matter of “national security” and has already announced that Oak trees had asked appear in the Congress of Deputies to talk about this matter, although the minister has not set a date for her intervention.

In this sense, Robles has reiterated that the government offers its “maximum collaboration with justice” and he recalled that a year ago there was information regarding international espionage via Pegasus for which there are complaints that are being processed, one of them related to the former president of Parliament Roger Torrent.

Ask Aragonès not to “forget” the cost of the dialogue table for the Government

Regarding the position of the independence movement on this issue, he has said that “everyone has the right to make political use” you consider, but you have highlighted that “if there is a government that has thought about Catalonia” and its citizens “This government has been.”

“Us we have always opted for dialogue and they know it”, he said, and stressed: “Aragonès knows perfectly well that even this Government has paid a political cost of criticism for the decisions taken for the political route in Catalonia and that It should not be forgotten.”

Therefore, it has reproached also to the independence movement that points to the Executive and does “imputations in a rule of law no evidence”: “We are in a State of Law, these accusations cannot be made and more so to an organization that has that legal limitation and to a Government that has bet and will always continue to bet on the path of dialogue and the political path for Catalonia”, he settled .

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