Ribera regrets that “companies” want to “derail” the proposal to lower the light

The Third Vice President and Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, interviewed in La Hora de La 1, lamented that there are Spanish “energy companies” who want to “derail” the proposal by Spain and Portugal in Brussels to put a cap of 30 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) on the price of gas used for electricity.

Ribera has said on TVE that at this moment “we should all pitch in and cut profits for a while to rise to the occasion”. When asked if she was referring to Spanish companies, she said: “For example”.

Asked about the information suggesting that the proposed gas price would not be enough for the European Commission, Ribera said that “this message” has come from companies that “want to derail this proposal more than the Commission” and that “obviously for companies, the higher the price of gas, the more profit they ensure.”

“There are those who prefer that this not be applied and are insisting before the Commission with the arguments why they should not support this proposal, it is a front that seems unfortunate to us”, said Ribera, who trusts that there will be “a pronouncement as soon as possible ” in order to apply that cap to the price of gas in Spain and Portugal.

After hearing critical statements from senior officials at Iberdrola and Endesa regarding the Government’s measures to lower the price of electricity, Ribera replied that he found the comments “unfortunate”, and stated that Spain has “the great honor” of being the country in which the profits of the “big power companies” are “greatest in relative terms” than the rest of the electricity companies in other Member States”.

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This, he said, “is not tolerable”, if you take into account, he said, that “the business will continue to grow” and that what they have asked is that they “moderate their profits”.

“Algeria is a reliable country that fulfills its commitments”

On the occasion of the visit to Morocco, this Thursday of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchezasked if he considers that Spain’s move on the autonomy of the Sahara could affect the relationship with Algeria and the revision of the gas price, Ribera said that for them it is “fundamental” to have an “excellent relationship” with both countries and He has lamented that the relationship between them “is not always as smooth” as they would like.

“The relationship with Algeria, which is a reliable country that fulfills its commitmentsit seems to us that it is assured at this end of the gas supply in the needs and terms that Spain has been demanding”, the minister assured.

The review of the gas price “happens” from time to time, Ribera has insisted, and is a “commercial operation between companies” which began in October by the Sonatrach company.

In Spain, “a very good part” of the coal comes from Russia

In relation to the sanctions of the European Union against Russia for the war in Ukraine, Ribera has said that the proposal to prohibit the import of energy products is “a mollar debate” because in Spain “a good part” of the coal used comes from From Russia.

“A large part of the security of energy supply in Europe depends on a supplier, a fragility with which we must end as soon as possible“, has said.

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Specifically, he said that Germany and Austria need to “ensure how their consumers can meet their demandsand they need a high dose of solidarity”, he said, in relation to Russia’s dependence on gas. “The way in which they can accelerate their energy transition is going to be decisive”, he said, and he valued the calls “very significant ” that they have done to the population to “reduce consumption”.

He has also expressed his confidence in the “unity” in the decision-making of the European Union, despite the approach of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, to pay in rubles. “Many companies are cutting business relationshipsboth in energy products and in many other products that come from Russia”, the minister assured.


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