Rhamero West, 16, was stabbed to death after being chased by cars and on foot, jury told


A teenage boy was chased through the streets by cars, then pursued on foot before being stabbed to death, a murder trial has been heard.

Rhamero West, 16, banged on the door of a house as he desperately tried to escape his attackers, a jury was told.

Moments earlier, Rhamero crashed his car into a tree and collided with another car, as he tried to flee those pursuing him through busy rush hour traffic, the trial heard.

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His attacker shouted something like ‘arr, got you!’ before stabbing him in Old Trafford, it was claimed.

Ryan Cashin, 19, is accused of knifing Rhamero and causing the fatal blow. He denies murder.

GiovanniLawrence, 20; Xavaiour Wynter, 18; and a 17-year-old boy who can’t be named for legal reasons are all accused of murder under the joint enterprise law. They have all pleaded not guilty.

Rhamero was found with a number of stab wounds in Old Trafford on September 9 2021
Rhamero West

“Whatever grudge or issue lay behind what happened, we say that their relentless pursuit of Rhamero West and their absolute determination to catch him is obvious,” prosecutor Guy Gozem QC told jurors at Manchester Crown Court.

“From the lengths that they were prepared to go throughout this very public chase, sometimes inside cars, sometimes outside cars, openly, brazenly carrying weapons.

“The prosecution says that this was a joint enterprise, from beginning to end.

“In other words, they all knew what they were doing.”

The trial heard that the chase, which lasted about 10 minutes, began following a ‘confrontation’ on the Princess Parkway, at about 5.45pm on September 9 last year.

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Rhamero was driving a stolen BMW 3 series, with friends also being in the car.

Witnesses said they saw the car being attacked by a man with a ‘large knife’, as it stopped at a red light.

Prosecutors allege the 17-year-old defendant approached Rhamero’s car before appearing to be ‘lunging and banging’ on it several times, wielding a ‘large knife’.

During busy rush hour traffic, some drivers heard ‘banging’ noises and some thought it was gunfire, the court heard.

Rhamero then drove away, forcing his way through traffic and was followed by two further BMWs, which were also stolen, the jury heard.

In his ‘desperation’ to get away, Rhamero’s BMW was being driven ‘erratically’ and ‘too fast’, jurors were told.

It went on the wrong side of the road, hit a car on Upper Chorlton Road, and then crashed into a tree, the court heard.

The BMW was now ‘useless as a means of escape’, and Rhamero and his friends in the car began to ‘run for their lives’, Mr Gozem said.

He said: “They had obviously seen the large knife that had been carried by the 17-year-old defendant, and what he was trying to do with it during the confrontation on Princess Parkway.

“You may think they were running in fear for their lives.”

The two following BMWs stopped at the scene of the crash.

Prosecutors said that the 17-year-old defendant, said to be holding a knife, and Mr Cashin started chasing Rhamero on Darnley Street.

The two defendants’ BMWs also followed, the jury heard.

Mr Gozem said: “As Cashin ran along Norton Street, he caught up to the 17-year-old defendant, and we say the knife was passed by the 17-year-old defendant to him.

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“He then took over the lead in pursuit of Rhamero’s group with the knife in his hand.”

Shortly after, at about 6pm, Mr Cashin is alleged to have stabbed Rhamero on nearby Norton Street.

A neighbor said she saw the man being chased bang on the door of a house to try and get in, but received no answer.

He then jumped over the wall to another house as he tried to get away.

“But he didn’t manage to escape,” Mr Gozem said.

The pursuing male caught up and shouted something like ‘arr got you!’, the jury was told.

She shouted out of her window to try and distract the attacker.

Mr Gozem said: “She saw him plunge the knife down four or five times, despite the fact she was screaming at him to stop.”

A man in a BMW shouted at the knifeman, telling him to ‘come on’ and ‘get in the car’ before the two cars left, according to the witness.

Mr Gozem said: “Both BMWs sped off in the direction of Darnley Street, leaving Rhamero West to die.”

Rhamero was able to stand up and started walking, as blood pumped from his leg, but he was unsteady on his feet.

Neighbors came out to help him and tried to stem the bleeding.

He was rushed to hospital but died shortly after 7.30pm that day.

Prosecutors alleged that the defendants planned to ‘dump’ one of the stolen BMWs, before they all got in a taxi which stopped in Hulme at about 7.45pm.

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They also allege that the four defendants had been in the two stolen BMWs prior to Rhamero’s death.

Ryan Cashin, of Nancy Street, Manchester; Giovanni Lawrence, of Colgrove Ave, Manchester; Xaviour Wynter, of no fixed address; and a 17-year-old boy who can’t be named for legal reasons, deny murder.

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