Restaurant owner’s brutal response to customer who left scathing one-star review

Kevan Pierrepont, who runs The Factory Kitchen in Derbyshire, said he initially thought the customer was pulling a prank when he supposedly threw a tantrum

The disgruntled customer left a one star review when he was refused scrambled eggs
The disgruntled customer left a one star review when he was refused scrambled eggs

A restaurant owner has hit back at a diner who left a damning one-star review because he couldn’t order scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The Factory Kitchen in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, serves ten brunch options including a full English with fried eggs, poached eggs on toast, spicy sausage and egg naan, and Welsh rarebit.

But one man took offense and “threw the menu across the table” when the waitress told him they would not serve his eggs scrambled.

The disgruntled customer went on to leave a one-star Google review for the eatery while sat at the table with four female companions, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

He wrote: “Will only give you fried eggs on the breakfasts, which is great if you like them fried.

“If you like them cooked any other way, they’re too entitled to do something that every other breakfast-serving place in the country will do for you.”

Most reviews for the Factory Kitchen in Mundy Street are five stars

Kevan Pierrepont, who runs the business with his wife Jane, defended their decision and said it was the sense of entitlement that infuriated him.

He said: “The waitress came over for some advice saying he’s thrown a bit of a tantrum because he can’t have a scrambled egg which we don’t do anymore.

“He threw the menu across the table. Because of his reaction, the waitress thought he was pranking her.

“While they were waiting for their breakfasts, he sat there on the phone and gave us a one-star review which popped up in the kitchen.

“I went up to him and said you’ve not even eaten the food yet.

“If you don’t like the food fair enough but not because you can’t get what you want. I said I’d rather not serve you.

“I told him he was affecting people’s businesses, sat there with that sense of entitlement thinking you can have what you want when you want it.”

One man took offense when he was given scrambled eggs

Mr Pierrepont asked him to leave and the table’s breakfasts, which were plated up and ready to be served, went into the bin.

He said they used to make scrambled eggs with fresh cream to order – but scrapped it from the menu because it was too much hassle for one chef serving breakfasts if the 60-seater restaurant was full.

“We don’t keep it in a bain-marie so it goes rubbery. We just stopped doing it,” added Mr Pierrepont.

“We just do poached and fried now. If he’d said he didn’t like fried eggs, we could have done him poached.”

“The problem is if someone comes in on Tuesday morning and there’s no one in here and you do them some scrambled egg, next time they come in on a busy Saturday and you refuse, they’ll say ‘well you did them last time. ‘”

“We’ve only got a small kitchen and the head chef is trying to prep for Saturday evening and we like to do some specials at lunchtime now.

“We used to do scrambled eggs but it caused too many issues for the kitchen and it’s just our choice not to offer it. They can go across the road and get scrambled egg.

“I don’t usually read reviews and I don’t reply to them but now and then you get one person and I can’t help myself.

“It was just his reaction and giving us a one-star review for refusing to do something we don’t offer anyway.”

Mr Pierrepont said they were happy to tweak items that were already on the menu and in the past have accommodated customers who wanted meaty sausages on the vegan breakfast.

Most reviews for the Factory Kitchen in Mundy Street are five stars.

One happy customer commented: “Loved it, loved it, loved it. We went for breakfast and weren’t disappointed.

“My meal was a full English with homemade beans, and my wife had the wild mushrooms on toast. Both were delicious and made with local ingredients.”

Another wrote: “Went a few weeks ago for breakfast, dog friendly and served possibly the nicest breakfast I’ve ever had. I had the spicy sausage naan with a couple of Factory Kitchen hash browns. It was fantastic.”

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