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The president of the Parliament of Catalonia will be released from prison when the bail is paid. The Prosecutor’s Office had requested unconditional imprisonment.

The Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena set yesterday, Thursday, a bond of 150,000 euros to the president of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, so that he can avoid his imprisonment and has given him one week to pay it. The Prosecutor’s Office had demanded his unconditional entry into prison.

Forcadell entered the prison of Alcala Meco since he has not been able to collect the 150,000 euros to pay the bail, according to legal sources.

The sources consulted said that Carme Forcadell did not have that money last night to evade prison, so she was taken to the Alcalá Meco prison, where the two dismissed counselors who were imprisoned by order of the judge of the National Court Carmen Lamela.

For the deputies Lluís Corominas, Lluís Guinó, Anna Simó and Ramona Barrufet agreed bonds of 25,000 euros, with a week to pay them.

However, the Supreme Court magistrate imposes precautionary measures for all of them once they have posted the respective bonds. Thus, they will have prohibition to leave the national territory, their passport will be withdrawn and they will have weekly appearances in court.

In the case of Josep Joan Nuet, who voted against independence, was left free without precautionary measures.

The magistrate Pablo Llaneras adopted this decision after the president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Carmen Forcadell, and at least three members of the Board of the Catalan Parliament declared, at the last minute, that they renounced the unilateral declaration of independence (DUI).

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Last plea, last word

Before concluding the visit in which the Prosecutor’s Office requested precautionary measures, such as imprisonment, for five of the investigated who testified on Thursday for seven hours for the crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds for the facts related to the debate in the parliamentary chamber and the proclamation of independence, the magistrate gave the opportunity to those investigated to offer a final argument.

At that time, in that turn of last word, Forcadell and at least three of the former members of the Table have stated that they renounced one-sidedness with which the independence of Catalonia was declared, adhering to the declaration made by Ramona Barrufet.

The fourth secretary of the Bureau of the Catalan Parliament had stated during her statement that the 1-O referendum was invalid, since it did not have guarantees, specified the sources present in it.

At another time, the parliamentarian would have rejected, according to the same sources, the unilateral route and recognized that the process could only be developed with an agreement, in addition to saying that it abides by the application of article 155 of the Constitution.

Forcadell, a “main action” in the sovereign process

Llarena attributes to the president of the Parliament “a main performance” in the independence process, both “for her central intervention” in it and “for the intense repercussion that her own leadership has had”.

In the car, the magistrate recalls that he held the presidency of the Catalan National Assembly, “from whose mandate he outlined, assumed, and compromised a roadmap that went through collective awareness and mobilization whose implementation is analyzed.”

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“An essential action, which was followed by his presidency of the Parliament of Catalonia, in which the method to be followed to declare independence was outlined, and which provided the apparent legislative support that the project needed,” he adds.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court judge maintains that there is no proof that proves that 1-O supposed a public expenditure of 6.2 million euros and has rejected the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to impose a bond for that amount to the six investigated.

The magistrate acknowledges that there were budgetary items for consultations for that amount, but affirms that the complaint has not been accompanied “no evidentiary basis” that the 1-O was paid with public money “and even less” that would cost that money.

Moreover, it states that the defenses provide a certification from the General Audit of the Generalitat that it only reflects expenses of 25,000 euros corresponding to the “Center for Telecommunications and Information Technologies”.

However, Llarena does consider that the independence mobilizations contained a “violent germ” that it threatened to “expand” and that the promoters of independence intended to display them “as a fuse for social explosion.”

The ANC affirms that the “solidarity fund” will cover the bonds

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) later affirmed that the “solidarity fund will cover the bonds of the members of the Parliamentary table.”

The independence organization posted a message on Twitter. The entity called for funds to be paid into the “solidarity fund”, promoted together with Òmnium Cultural to face what they consider to be “aggressions by the State.”

The ANC regretted in another tweet that the president of the Parliament went to sleep in prison and assured that her “crime” has been “to fulfill the mandate of the people.”

Junqueras sends a “huge hug” to Forcadell and the members of the Table

The deputy president of the dismissed Government and leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, sent a “huge hug” to Forcadell and the members of the Table.

In his official Twitter account, Junqueras, imprisoned by order of the judge of the National Court Carmen Lamela, wrote: “No matter how long the storm, the sun always shines again through the clouds.”

The president, Carles PuigdemontHe also wrote on his Twitter account, where he said that “Carme Forcadell will spend the night in prison for having allowed democratic debate. For allowing people to speak and vote! This is Spanish democracy.”

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