Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Which club had the biggest social media popularity boost this season?


Isco of Real Madrid with Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final in 2021 – Liverpool play Real Madrid in this year’s final. (Photo: Getty Images)

Who will win is anyone’s guess – but which side is the winner when it comes to online popularity?

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Millions of football fans around the world use social media to keep track of their favorite teams’ every move. Instagram, in particular, has provided football fans with unrestricted access to behind-the-scenes footage, transfer news, running commentary and match highlights, ensuring that they don’t miss a thing.

But which football club has gained the most popularity so far this season?

Interested in this, ( were keen to discover which football club has gained the most followers on Instagram in the 2021/22 campaign. To do this, experts utilized Social Blade’s ‘gained Instagram followers’ tool from June 2021 to April 2022, ultimately ranking the clubs that have gained the most fans this season.

PSG are the football club who have gained the most fans this season with 20,437,716 new followers. Their followings saw a 24 per cent increase in the week after the signing of Lionel Messi!In a second is Manchester United with 13,346,990 new followers.The team that has seen the biggest percentage increase in their followers is Newcastle United, their followers have increased by 78 per cent!

Here are the football clubs with the biggest total follower increase this season…

The first figure corresponds to where they rank from PSG down to Borussia Dortmund, the second Instagram followers in June 2021, the third current Instagram followers and the fourth the follower increase:

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) badge (photo: Getty Images)

Paris Saint-Germain- 32,391,642; 52,829,358; 20,437,716

Manchester United one of the most popular teams on Instagram (photo: Getty Images)

Manchester United – 38,400,944; 51,747,934; 13,346,990

Real Madrid – 94,379,152; 106,010,563; 11,631,411

FC Barcelona – 92,361,422; 102,461,811; 10,100,389

Juventus – 45,395,444; 51,442,071; 6,046,627

Chelsea – 24,748,306; 30,757,506; 6,009,200

Manchester City – 21,879,551; 27,563,125; 5,683,574

Bayern Munich – 24,719,406; 29,407,084; 4,687,678

Liverpool – 29,279,257; 33,715,259; 4,436,002

Borussia Dortmund – 12,097,651; 14,630,126; 2,532,475

The French champions have gained 20,437,716 followers, with almost 10 million of them coming after the shock signing of Lionel Messi was announced in August 2021.

Placing in second is Manchester United with 13,346,990 additional followers this season.

The Red Devils also saw their followers drastically increase after a summer transfer, receiving over five million new followers in the weeks before and after United legend Cristiano Ronaldo rejoined the club.

Just behind in third is the most followed football team on Instagram, Real Madrid. The soon to be crowned Spanish champions have gained 11,631,411 new followers this season.

Coming in fourth is FC Barcelona with 10,100,389 new followers this season and completing the top five is Juventus with 6,046,627 additional followers this campaign.

The Football Club With the Biggest Percentage Increase in Followers This Season:

The first figure shows where they rank, the second figure shows the percentage increase in Instagram followers this season:

Newcastle United – 78 per cent

Newcastle United have seen the biggest percentage increase in followers on Instagram (photo: Getty Images)

Aston Villa – 70 per cent

Paris Saint-Germain – 66 per cent

Bayer Leverkusen – 43 per cent

Manchester United – 40 per cent

Leeds United – 37 per cent

Villarreal – 35 per cent

RB Leipzig – 29 per cent

Manchester City – 27 per cent

The list of football clubs was sourced from several reports investigating the most popular and most followed football teams on Instagram.

The team then utilized Social Blade’s ‘gained followers’ tool, focusing on Instagram, to discover the total number of followers each team had received this season.

50 football clubs from around the world were analyzed in total.

June 1, 2021, was chosen as the season start date as the final game of the 2020/2021 season (Champions League final) had taken place on May 29, 2021 and to also account for the opening of the summer transfer window.

All data was collected on April 27, 2022 and is subject to change.


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