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Argentine Lionel Messi, former Barça and current PSG striker, won his seventh Ballon d’Or in a gala where Lewandowski was second and Jorginho, Champions of the Champions League with Chelsea and the European Championship with Italy, was third. Benzema, one of the favorites for many, finished fourth and was left out of the top three of the award. However, as has happened for many years, the award to Messi has elicited many reactions, some against and others in favor. Among them, several players with a Real Madrid past or present have spoken.

Iker Casillas was one of the first to comment on the ‘unfair’ of this award. “It’s more and more difficult for me to believe in football awards. For me, Messi, he is one of the 5 best players in all of history, but you have to start knowing how to catalog who are the most outstanding after a season. It’s not that difficult, damn it! Others make it difficult! “, He explained on his official Twitter account. This was followed by Rudy Fernández, a Real Madrid basketball player. “Seriously, Benzema is not in the top 3,” exclaimed the basketball player adding an emoji that puts his hands to his head.

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They were not the only ones, Toni Kroos, German midfielder in the white ranks, spoke for the podcast ‘Einfach mal luppen’ where he pointed out that these premises “should be fair.” “First of all, I have to say that I am not at all interested in individual awards. But if there are, then they should be fair. And in my opinion, it is not the case at all this time. In my opinion, Benzema should have been number 1 if he were really looking for the best individual player of last year, because I see closely how exceptional he is. There is no doubt that Messi is by Ronaldo’s side when it comes to the player of this decade and has qualities that others will never have. What fails in the election (of the Ballon d’Or) is above all the first place, “he argued.

Karim Benzema himself shared in his Instagram stories a publication of Andriy Lunin, Real Madrid goalkeeper, where he crosses out of the image the fourth place of the Frenchman and adds a number one. Followed by this, he shared another that says “I play for people who know football.”

Benzema’s publication after the Ballon d’Or gala / Instagram

Benzema’s publication after the Ballon d’Or gala / Instagram

Álvaro Benito: “I am surprised by Benzema. It is a vote in which everyone votes for their favorites, there is no cold way to choose who is the best. Haaland has excelled a lot and hasn’t been able to do more, but he’s not in the top 10; Meanwhile Jorginho has been boosted by collective successes. “

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Gustavo López: “What gives you the most doubt is that there are things like Benzema being behind Jorginho, Haaland not being in the top 10 … The gala is spectacular, but the award generates a lot of uncertainty”.

Kiko Narváez: “It is an individual award. Jorginho is very good, but at Chelsea and in the Italian National Team there were many moments in which others were much better. Going to the individual, there were three or four that whoever had won, would have been well”.


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