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An effective Real Madrid defeats Atlético de Madrid (2-0) in the Madrid derby. With this victory, Carlo Ancelotti’s men open a considerable gap with respect to Simeone’s in the League, running as favorites for the title before the end of the first round.

The best moments

The heartfelt minute of silence for Manolo Santana at the Bernabéu was the only moment of calm before the storm. Madrid, with the unconscious relaxation that things are going very well for them, knew that they had the upper hand against an Atlético de Madrid that, although they arrived spurred on by their epic victory in Porto, they needed to win so as not to make the tournament bigger. gap in ranking. Despite this, if there is something that prevails in the Madrid derby since Simeone’s arrival on the bench, it is equality. There are no pans or handles to grab, just made within a tense battle.

That principle of equality was made his own by Atleti in the first bars, always appearing in the photo a Matheus Cunha who beat Luis Suárz in one of the matches of the season. Simeone’s men were very well planted in the field despite the fact that Madrid had recovered the ball, making good an approach that promised to make the game for Madrid very long. Even so, geniuses do not understand times, but moments. A loss by Atleti on the way out ended up causing a quick counterattack that ended with a volley by Benzema, only on the edge due to a rude failure by the red-and-white rear, after a magnificent center from Vinicius. Madrid were ahead in 16 thanks to a delicatessen from their captain, appearing when the game was worst looking for those at the Bernabéu.

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Any indication of the dominance of the visitors vanished with the goal. Madrid, once again, knew when to suffer and when to hit, staying true to the principles that made them win three Champions in a row. Now, with an advantage on the scoreboard, it was time to sleep the game to avoid the reaction of their neighbors in the capital, becoming masters of possession of the ball. In that impossible mission that is to tie up a team with such talent as Atlético de Madrid, Militao put on his firefighter’s uniform to put out more than one sign of fire, causing Courtois to have to put on the hero’s cape on one occasion to stop a direct free from Griezmann.

Simeone’s men needed a change after the break. Simeone took advantage of Griezmann’s physical discomfort after a Carvajal tackle and Carrasco’s blurred game to make two substitutions, giving entry to Lemar and Joao Felix. Although the French helped change the Atleti drawing and he performed well, it was the Portuguese who stole the show. Moving between the lines without any white defender being able to control him, generating several clear chances for his teammates that, if it were not for Courtois’ level, would have changed the course of the game.

With Atleti’s dominance, a déjà vu sensation was palpable. A good exit of the ball from Real Madrid led to one against the locals, Vinicius appeared on the left after a good discharge from a Jovic who had entered the break. The Brazilian, increasingly clairvoyant when everything is going too fast, found Asensio on the opposite side, leaving the Spaniard in a frank position to make it 2-0. The second goal, which rose to the scoreboard in 57, had already been experienced by the rojiblancos before. The punch of Real Madrid once again put out the fire of the mattress comeback.

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The remaining half hour was a tribute by Atlético to their ‘never stop believing’, trying to score the goal that could squeeze the result. They couldn’t do it any other way because of their history, idiosyncrasy and hobby, but they kept hitting a wall. The Bernabéu already assumed the victory of their own, dedicating the remaining minutes to delight in Modric’s game, which once again made the world wonder if he was not lying at the age he claimed to be. With the final whistle of a gray Mateu Lahoz, Real Madrid confirmed their victory and further opened the gap in LaLiga with their rivals, leaving a 13-point difference between the two and those of the Bernabéu as undisputed favorites to take the title.

The goals

Benzema’s goal

Asensio’s goal

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