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JxCat asks Torrent to lift his decision to postpone the full inauguration. Only the CUP has attended the hemicycle at the originally scheduled time of the plenary session.


The decision of the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, to postpone the full inauguration of Puigdemont has caused discomfort in Together for Catalonia (JxCat), which considers that the “political conditions” exist to hold the session today and criticizes that it has not consulted with the groups.

JxCat sources have thus censored Torrent’s decision, which has not been “previously consulted or communicated” to the representatives of Junts per Catalunya.

In any case, JxCat has valued that the president of the Parliament publicly commits not to present any other alternative candidate to Carles Puigdemont for the Presidency of the Generalitat.

By cons, ERC He has defended Torrent’s decision. The president of the republican formation himself, Oriol JunquerasIn a message posted on his Twitter account, he thanked Torrent for “his commitment to defend Catalonia, democracy and the recovery of the institutions”, as well as for “guaranteeing the defense of the rights of all democratically elected deputies” .

ERC’s spokesman, Sergi Sabrià, has endorsed the postponement because the investiture must be done in a “real and effective” way.

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Sources close to the president of the Chamber (of ERC), have assured that Torrent has phoned 5 times to Puigdemont, before announcing that he was postponing the full inauguration, but that he has not been able to locate him. However, from JxCat they affirm that the candidate does not have any calls or messages, and that if Torrent wanted to speak with Puigdemont he had “a thousand ways” to do so.

JxCat asks Torrent to call the investiture

The deputy spokesperson for JuntsxCat in the Parliament, Eduard Pujol, has asked the President of Parliament, Roger Torrent, to lift his decision to postpone the full inauguration, even more so after the resolution of the Constitutional Court, and has also asked “unity” to the independence movement.

At a press conference, he appealed to “good and correct institutional sense and the legitimate use of powers” of Torrent when defending the rights of the deputies, for which he demands that he convene the plenary session again.

Despite the fact that they were unaware of Torrent’s will to postpone it, he has opted for the unity of the independence movement: “There can be no other scenario than unity. We 68 deputies know that we will make the investiture of Carles Puigdemont possible.”

The deputy Gemma Geis, also at the press conference, said that the TC’s decision now leaves open the possibility of go to the European Court of Human Rights, without giving more details.

Only the CUP attends the hemicycle at the originally scheduled time of the plenary session

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Only the CUP deputies have attended the hemicycle at 3:00 p.m., in protest at Torrent’s decision to postpone the investiture session, while the other dissenting group, JxCat, has not finally attended the conference room. full.

Shortly after three in the afternoon, the four CUP deputies, Carles Riera, Natàlia Sànchez, Vidal Aragonés and María Sirvent, have entered the hemicycle amid a cloud of cameras and journalists.

The anti-system parliamentarians have taken their seats and raised their fists, at the same time they have displayed posters with this symbol and they have placed them on the seats, before leaving the hemicycle without coinciding with any JxCat deputy.


The deputies of the CUP, Natalia Sanchez, Vidal Aragonés, Maria Sirvent and Carles Riera. Photo: EFE

The ANC warns the parties: “We will not allow fratricidal confrontations”

For his part, the vice president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Agustí Alcoberro, has called for unity to the pro-independence parties in a rally that his entity has organized in the vicinity of the Parliament and has stated: “We will not allow fratricidal confrontations.”

The ANC had summoned the public at 2:30 p.m. in Plaça Sant Jaume, headquarters of the Palau de la Generalitat, to advance to the vicinity of the Parliament, where the organizers had placed screens to follow the plenary session, which finally has not been held because the president of the Catalan chamber, Roger Torrent, has decided to postpone it until “democratic guarantees are fulfilled.”

“Our strength is the people, but so is unity. We will not allow fratricidal confrontations, we will avoid any confrontation between brothers. It is necessary to have a high view and be all together for unity of action,” Alcoberro said, addressing the attendees .

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For his part, PSC he has celebrated the postponement of the plenary session, which he has called a “prudent decision”. In addition, he recalled that his secretary general, Miquel Iceta, had requested his suspension from Torrent.

Finally, the leader of the PPC, Xavier Garcia Albiol, has demanded that Ciudadanos (Cs) “stop being a statue” and take advantage of the “division” that the postponement of the plenary session may have caused within the independence movement to propose a constitutionalist candidate.

Albiol has argued that the most pertinent thing would be for the president of the chamber to open a new round of contacts, and has indicated that he will request a meeting with Cs, PSC and Catalunya En Comú-Podem to address the possibility of drawing up a joint strategy for “the next hours and the next days “.

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