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The ceased owner of Territory and Sustainability has spread it on Twitter. Forcadell, who will continue to be president of the Parliament, has agreed to her job this morning normally.


The dismissed Minister of Territory and Sustainability Josep Rull He has come to his job this Monday, as he has spread on the social network Twitter, thus obviating the dismissal that Mariano Rajoy announced for him and for the rest of the members of the Government last Friday. He is the only dismissed minister who has accessed his job; so has the Speaker of Parliament Carme ForcadellBut, where appropriate, it should be noted that the Chamber’s regulations maintain her as the institution’s leader until the December elections, as she is also the president of the Permanent Deputation of the same.

Rull keeps his schedule; The Mossos will raise a report if the dismissed directors do not leave their offices

Thus, the Deputy Minister of Territory and Sustainability Josep Rull You have confirmed that you have accessed your job this morning, which you left after a few minutes to continue with the work schedule you had planned for today; has reported this with a message shared on the social network Twitter:

It should be noted, at the entrance to his office of Josep Rull, that the Mossos d’Esquadra will accompany each councilor stopped at his office to collect his things and they will raise a statement if they refuse to leave their offices, as informed to Europa Press sources of the Government of Spain.

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The Executive had already warned that the dismissed who try to continue exercising the position from which they have been dismissed may incur a crime of usurpation of functions. This is how the Spanish Minister of Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna, reminded Rull this Monday.

As detailed, the President of the Parliament of Catalonia, Carme Forcadell, has come first thing in the morning on Monday to the headquarters of the Catalan chamber, where he plans to to work throughout the day today. Carme Forcadell has spread a brief message on her Twitter account this morning: “We continue working”; has accompanied his words with a video, which shows his arrival at the Parliament:

Sources from the Catalan Chamber have indicated to Efe that, despite having been dissolved the Catalan parliament by the Government of Spain in application of article 155 of the Constitution, the Parliament maintains its Permanent Delegation, which Forcadell continues to chair.

The Permanent Deputation is made up of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a score of deputies from all groups, whose mandate is extended, in the event of the conclusion of the legislature or dissolution of the Chamber, until the constitution of the new Parliament.

Carme Forcadell, has called off the Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 10 am because the Chamber “has been dissolved”, parliamentary sources have explained to Europa Press. Until the early hours of this Monday, the ordinary meeting that the Table holds every Tuesday and that had been convened before the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, dissolved the Chamber on Saturday and called elections for December 21 was still called.

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But this ordinary meeting has been called off because the Table no longer exists as it has been dissolved, which means that Forcadell has assumed the order of Rajoy, according to the aforementioned sources.

Forcadell arrived at the Parliament at around 8 in the morning in his official car with a serious demeanor and without making any statements to journalists.

Puigdemont shares a photograph taken inside the Palau de la Generalitat

For its part, Carles Puigdemont he has shared on the social network Instagram an image captured inside the Palau de la Generalitat, where his office is located; However, Puigdemont, who has only accompanied the photograph with a message in which he wished “good morning”, has not specified whether the photograph is from today or has been taken previously.

Good morning

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