Rare 20p sells for £90 – what to look out for and how to tell if you have a rare coin

Coins regularly pass from person to person without being paid much attention – but there are many rare coins out there that could be worth far more than they say on the tin

Kew Gardens 50p
The Kew Gardens 50ps are rare, so sell for huge amounts online

Ever wondered if an old grubby copper coin you found down the back of the sofa might be worth a small fortune?

For one lucky individual, this dream has come true after they flogged a rare 20p coin on eBay for a whopping £90.

It is believed to be the first non-dated coin to enter circulation in over 300 years, the Echo reports.

This particular coin is thought to have come about when the Royal Shield piece was introduced in 2008, which didn’t have a date on the reverse. However, a batch was accidentally released non-dated on either side.

Coin collection experts Change Checker said: “This coin is regarded by many as the Holy Grail of change collecting, and back in 2008, the non-dated 20p saga encouraged an entire country to start carefully checking their coins”.

But it isn’t the only rare coin that could be in circulation – here’s some top cash to look out for.

Rare coins in the UK

Could there be treasures lurking?


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Keep in mind that you can get your coins checked by the Royal Mint to make sure they’re real, and avoid any scammers.

According to the Royal Mint, there are a number of 50p pieces that were made in very low quantities, making them a rarity being baffled up by collectors. They are:

  • 2009 KEW GARDEN – total number out there: 210,000 – The Royal mint say this is the most coveted 50p out there.
  • 2011 OLYMPIC FOOTBALL – total number out there: 1,125,500
  • 2011 OLYMPIC WRESTLING- total number out there: 1,129,500
  • 2011 OLYMPIC JUDO – total number out there: 1,161,500
  • 2011 OLYMPIC TRIATHLON – total number out there: 1,163,500
  • 2018 PETER RABBIT- total number out there: 1,400,000
  • 2018 FLOPSY BUNNY- total number out there: 1,400,000
  • 2011 OLYMPIC TENNIS – total number out there: 1,454,000
  • 2011 OLYMPIC GOALBALL- total number out there: 1,615,500
  • 2011 OLYMPIC SHOOTING – total number out there: 1,656,500

Change Checker has also published a list of the rarest £2 coins, correct to November 2, 2021. They are:

  • 2002 Commonwealth games in Northern Ireland
  • 2002 Commonwealth games in England
  • 2002 Commonwealth games in Scotland
  • 2015 First World War (Navy)

In May 2021, the Sun also reported on a range of coins of various sizes that all had the ability to sell for far more than their minted value. They were:

A rare £1 coin with two dates, 2016 and 2017 which is said to be very hard to spot. It was said by an expert to be worth £3,000 if verified by the Royal Mint.

It is believed the coin, much like the non-dated 20p, was a mistake.

There are some 2p pieces that read “new pence”, instead of the regulation “two pence”. The coin was minted in 1983 and is said to be worth over £1,000.

There is are also two 10p coins with a design paying tribute to the World Wide Web and Yeoman Warder design. They were made as part of the first series of commemorative 10p pieces which ran through the alphabet A-Z.

At the time of writing, Change Checker put the R for Robin coin at the top of the scarcity index.

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