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Tara, rare, rare… A woman in a black and white dress and a hood that hides her face bursts onto the stage humming. It is revealed, it is Ana Guerra, who begins to sing My big night, of Raphael. The audience starts in applause when they recognize the iconic lyrics of one of the great winners of the ceremony. What follows is a homage recital by Guerra to some of the best-known songs of all the winners. Thus began the Dial Awards gala, which celebrates a quarter of a century bringing together the best of music in Spanish in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Tenerife’s Guerra, who was one of the stars of the night, was in charge of presenting the gala of this edition. A native of the island, she was the host with the presenter Luis Larrodera, of the morning dare yourself from Cadena Dial, and a regular at the Awards. Guerra was one of the 15 winners of the night, and she even had time to perform some of the songs from her recent album, Tuesday light. Pablo Alborán, Vanesa Martín, Malú and Camilo were other winners of this edition.

And after each dedication the performances followed one another, most of them very emotional. Antonio Orozco had his birthday, and with the pavilion singing the anniversary song for him, he went up to collect his award. “For La Palma,” he said. “For the 1,184 people who lost their homes.” He then dedicated the topic to the public Between shadows you miss me.

The most special moment of the gala came with the Raphael Lifetime Achievement Award. It was given to him by his son Manuel Martos, artistic director and executive producer of Universal Music Spain. And before the artist took the stage, the entire pavilion was on its feet clapping wildly. Raphael came out with glassy eyes: “Thank you, my dear audience, for filling me with happiness and making a man happy in the best way that I could, working to the end.” 60 years on stage go a long way: almost 100 published albums, 326 gold and 49 platinum records. Minutes before the gala, from the green carpet of the event, he said: “I just hope to continue as I am, and I do not mean the physical.”

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The rumba was played by the Estopa, who sang as a prelude to the award they presented to Rozalén. The singer and National Prize for Current Music, attended with Beatriz Romero, her regular partner interpreter in sign language. “I already had a giant award the day that only two people decided to listen to my music,” he said when collecting the award. One of the small moments of euphoria came with the presentation of the Latin Dial for the Colombian Camilo, who could not attend the gala, but sent a video message with two songs. He dedicated it to Colombian musicians beginning their musical careers.

Tuesday night also made Malú the most awarded artist in the history of the Dial Awards – she took her 15th statuette home with her. The best of Spanish music counted on the absolute dedication of the public, who wanted to party; He showed it especially when Luis Fonsi arrived with his song Blame me, on the verge of closing the gala. The Puerto Rican presented the award to David Bisbal and together they sang to finish embroidering the show with the most danceable moment of the night.

There was even time for vindication. To continue the charitable nature of the awards, the Dials dedicated this edition to women scientists. Part of the tickets sold will be destined to research projects of the IPNA-CSIC (Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology of Tenerife). Inés Pérez Martínez, second deputy director of the IPNA-CSIC of Tenerife, went up to collect the award on behalf of the professionals. “For giving us light and making us visible.” He dedicated it to his grandmother, a chemist: “Thanks to the courage of women like you, we collect this recognition.” And in the end, after three hours of concerts, the night went as expected: with the emotion that 25 years of awards and music bestow.

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All winners

Pablo Alboran

Antonio Orozco

David Bisbal




Ana Guerra

David DeMaría

Vanesa Martin

Carlos Vives



Camilo (Latin Dial Award)

Raphael (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Rosario (Lifetime Achievement Award)


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