Ramiro González budget for 2021 will be the largest in the history of Álava



Ramiro Gonzalez

“Only the reform of Foronda and the intermodal Jundiz justify the support to the PGE.” The Deputy General advances that “there will be budgets, with or without opposition, the largest in the history of Álava.”

The General Deputy of Álava Ramiro González has not wanted to advance changes in the restrictions set against the pandemic. “Being excessively fast is not convenient,” González said, asking for one “gradual de-escalation, little by little“. The Deputy assumes” some Sacrificial Christmas “ so that those of 2021 go smoothly. “When there is an excess of relaxation the consequences are very harsh”, added González in “Boulevard Informativo” on Radio Euskadi. “The number of six people is adequate, allowing family reunions but making it difficult for infections to spread among many people. “González assures that he is aware of the hospitality difficulties, and ensures that in case of reopening in a short period of time, they would follow the Navarra line where only the terraces have been reopened; “It is a very complicated balance.” “It is not the same to arrive with an incidence data of 250 than of 60”, has appreciated the Jeltzale leader. “In the event of the reopening of the hotel industry, it will be necessary to be extremely careful”

Ramiro González assures that the reform of Foronda and the investment in the Jundiz intermodal station justifies the support to the PGE. It also highlights the improvements in Vocational Training and having canceled the diesel tax. The partial amendment in favor of the aeronautical industry of EH Bildu seems “positive” to him, but he doubts its effectiveness because “it will be necessary to see how it is articulated because from EH Bildu they say that there can be no direct aid to the sector”. González foresees a “slowdown process “in the aeronautical sector “three, four or five years.” González anticipates a “recovery that starts from very low figures “in the Alava productive fabric, “the forecasts will be fulfilled”.

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“The 2021 budget will be the largest in the history of Álava “González has indicated: “with or without opposition, we make an effort but at the moment with little success.” In relation to Next Generation Álava funds, stresses that they will turn to the industrial transformation: “The opposition dedicates a space for months to the disqualification of European projects, but if we go project by project no one in the opposition disagrees.” He clears the doubts of the PP “that with this story only loses electoral support” by saying that “the PNV is clearly betting on Álava.”

“The arrival of the high speed to the Basque Country It has not advanced at the rate that it had to advance, but in other less priority areas “, González criticized,” regardless of the political party that governs Madrid. “

“Álava is the most important territory in the public management of residences”, explained Ramiro González. “There are residences that pay low wages and must sign a decent agreement,” he said in relation to nursing home worker protests, “We mediate so that they negotiate.”


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