Rail strikes signal Britain’s ‘return to lockdown’

Boris Johnson has warned the public to prepare for more rail chaos, as he stressed the need for modernization and reform in the industry.

He warned commuters they must be ready to “stay the course” and urged rail bosses and unions to agree on a package to safeguard the future of the industry.

Read what he told Cabinet and use our tool to see how trains near you will be affected as action continues.

Here is what each union is demanding as fears of a looming “summer of discontent” grow.

Allison Pearson says in Broken Britain the customer is always wrong.

Network Rail letter

Why does the Prime Minister hold these concerns?

Rail chiefs have vowed to “dump outdated working practices” and cut 1,800 staff as the war with trade unions escalates over the mass walkouts.

In a letter to the unions, Network Rail said it would press ahead with plans to cut jobs and overhaul working hours in an effort to slash costs.

Meanwhile, the head of the RMT has said that workers must “co-ordinate industrial action across every town and city in Britain”.

Mick Lynch suggested more significant strike action from a variety of sectors could come this year.

It will raise concerns that we will hear more stories like this one about a heart patient forced to take a £165 taxi to attend an operation.

MPs on picket lines

The action has left politicians on all sides facing difficult decisions.

Former Tory chancellor Lord Clarke has said national rail strikes must not be allowed to succeed because if workers secure a large pay rise other public sector staff will copy their tactics and walkout.

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Meanwhile, Sir Keir Starmer is facing pressure to get tough on 16 Labor MPs who joined striking railway workers on the picket line this morning, including at least two shadow ministers and a party whip.

Tom Harris says Labour’s summer of discontent is an open goal for the Tories, but in light of past experience, warns that voters may not see it that way.

Of course, by-elections take place on the date of the next rail walkout.

Here is a roundup of what readers want the Tories to do to get back on track.

Comment and analysis

Around the world: Johnson’s fears of ‘s—-y deal’

Boris Johnson will push France and Germany to strengthen their support for Ukraine next week as he fears Volodymyr Zelensky could be bounced into agreeing to a “s—-y” peace deal. The Telegraph understands the Prime Minister fears Western allies are experiencing “war fatigue” as the Russian invasion approaches its fifth month. Fears of economic stagnation are growing in the EU as Moscow turns the screw. Tom Rees analyzes why Europe risks a pyrrhic victory over Vladimir Putin with its Russia sanctions. Putin has warned that Russia’s newly tested intercontinental ballistic missile known as “Satan II”, capable of reaching Britain within minutes, will be deployed by the end of the year. In more hopeful news, a Russian journalist has auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize for a record £84 million to raise money for children in Ukraine.

tuesday interview

‘I told Tom his fame wouldn’t last’


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