Queen’s very distant A-list relatives – including Paris Hilton, Beyoncé & Hugh Grant

While many members of the royal family are arguably celebrities in their own right, it turns out they have familial links to A-listers from all over the globe – from socialites to popstars

The Queen has some surprising relatives

The royal family are, without a doubt, one of the most well-known families in the world, but while many royals are arguably celebrities in their own right, it turns out they’ve also got some big names among their distant relatives too.

All you have to do is look at the guestlist of any royal wedding to see just how many high-flying friends the royals have, with both Prince William and Prince Harry’s weddings drawing in stars from around the globe.

But, many people will be surprised to learn that several Hollywood A-listers go beyond friendship with the royals, and are in fact distant relatives.

As MyLondon reports, the royal family boasts very extensive bloodlines that span a host of generations through history, so it just makes sense that some famous faces would appear in their family tree.

Paris was told by a psychic about her royal relations



Jake has links to King Edward III



One star who is said to be related to the Queen and her family is socialite Paris Hilton, who was told by a psychic that she was distantly related to the royal family and Marilyn Monroe. Now, that is an impressive gene pool.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Paris revealed how her mum decided to do a DNA test to find out the truth, only to discover that the hotel chain heiress was actually a 20th cousin of The Queen through King Henry II who ruled from 1154 to 1189.

Meanwhile, Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who starred in Donnie Darko, The Day After Tomorrow and Brokeback Mountain to name a few, is reported to have found out his family tree traces back to King Edward III, who ruled from 1327 to 1377.

Hugh Grant can class the Queen as a distant relative


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Queen Bey can actually be traced to Queen Elizabeth


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Hugh Grant is best known for starring in the likes of Notting Hill, About A Boy and more recently, the Gentlemen, but one of his most iconic characters is without a doubt when he played the Prime Minister in Love Actually.

Meanwhile, in real life Hugh is actually much closer to royalty than politics, as Radio Times reports he can trace his lineage back to King Henry VII of England and King James IV of Scotland.

It’s no secret that Beyoncé is royalty in a lot of people’s eyes, and it turns out Queen Bey is actually distantly related to Queen Elizabeth. Now it all makes sense.

FindMyPast.com claims that the Lemonade singer is Her Majesty’s 25th cousin once removed and the common ancestor she shares is King Henry II, who was Queen Elizabeth’s 24th great-grandfather.

Other celebs who are claimed to be in some way related to the royal family include Hilary Duff, Ralph Fiennes, Brooke Shields and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few.

But, given just how far the royal bloodlines go, the famous connections are likely to spread all over the world. Who knows, we could even be related to Her Majesty ourselves.

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