Queen’s unusual banana-eating habit and strawberry demand exposed by former royal chef

Former personal chef to the Queen, Darren McGrady, has exposed the odd way Her Majesty eats her bananas so she can avoid looking like she’s ‘gobbling her food’

Former royal chef Darren McGrady, who now runs a YouTube channel
Former royal chef Darren McGrady, reveals all

The royal family’s eating habits never fail to fascinate – from Diana’s strict no fat and red meat diet to Prince Harry’s controversial Nando’s order.

But perhaps no royal eating habit is stranger than the way the Queen eats bananas.

Former chef to the royal family, Darren McGrady, opened up about Her Majesty’s bizarre eating habits in a chat with Marie Clare.

Unlike the rest of us, she refuses to peel and eat a banana with her hands, and instead, uses a knife and fork so she isn’t seen gobbling food “like a monkey,” he says.

McGrady revealed the fact in his book, “Eating Royally,” where he explained that she cuts off the top and bottom of the banana before slicing through the skin lengthways.

She then chops the fruit into small pieces and eats them with a fork.

How bizarre?!



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confused? So we were until etiquette and civility expert William Hanson explained exactly how you manage it.

He explained: “Holding the fork, cut off one end of the banana, then cut off the other end.

“Then you turn the knife on its side and cut into the skin to prize the banana open.

“Once this is done, you cut a little bit off and eat it.”

Darren also says the Queen is quite particular about the fruit and vegetables she eats during their respective seasons.

“You can send strawberries every day to the Queen during summer at Balmoral and she’ll never say a word,” he said.

“Try including strawberries on the menu in January, and she’ll scrub out the line and say ‘don’t dare send me genetically modified strawberries.'”

But this isn’t the Queen’s only bizarre eating habit as the way she has her steak is quite surprising.

Grant Harrold, who worked with the royal family for seven years as a butler to Prince Charles at Highgrove House revealed that Her Majesty likes her steak well-done; and that it is apparently quite unusual for her to have it cooked like that.

Grant said: “The Queen likes beef well done, she has things well done, which is really interesting.

“I find in the world of aristocracy, things are always kind of medium or rare but she likes it well done.

“(When I heard that) I found it quite funny”, he continued, “because that’s not normal for most people like her. Most people like it rare or still kind of walking.”

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