Putin ‘won’t stop with Ukraine’ and could follow ‘in Hitler’s footsteps’

The West has been warned that Vladimir Putin “will not stop” in his war against democracy amid the Ukraine crisis, while history suggests he may be watching his neighbors’ thriving agricultural industry as Adolf Hitler did.

Territorial Defense Forces in Kiev, Ukraine, are put to the test in military training exercises on the outskirts of Kiev.
Ukrainian forces are preparing for the possible invasion of Russia.

Vladimir Putin “will not stop” in his war against democracy if he invades Ukraine, the West has been warned, and the Russian leader will follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, said the democratic world must stand up to the former KGB strongman, saying “no one is safe.”

It comes as Britain is poised to double the number of troops deployed in a “clear message to the Kremlin” as the crisis intensifies.

Putin has amassed more than 100,000 troops on the border with his Eastern European neighbors and continues to move more resources to the front lines.

It is unclear whether he intends to shed blood or hopes to use the threat of war to avoid unfavorable sanctions and intimidate NATO into refusing to accept Ukraine as a member.

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But should Russian troops succeed in taking over the former Soviet nation, the country’s long history of economic exploitation looks increasingly likely to repeat itself.

In the 13th century, Genghis Khan’s grandsons expanded the Mongol Empire into present-day Ukraine, destroying the capital, Kiev.

And more recently, Hitler sought to bolster Germany’s food supply during the Nazi occupation in World War II by exploiting its huge agricultural industry, WA Today reports.

Servicemen line up after completing military exercises in Kazan, Russia


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Ms. Markarova told US network CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday: “So it’s an attack on democracy, and I think no one is safe if Ukraine is attacked.

“We don’t want to be part of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire or the Russian Federation.

“We want to be sovereign, we are sovereign and we fight for our independence.

“And if Ukraine continues to be attacked by Russia, of course they will not stop after Ukraine.

“That is why it is in the interest of Europe and the entire democratic world to help us defend ourselves, but also to show that the international rule of law continues to function.”

A reservist of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces takes part in military exercises on the outskirts of Kiev.



However, he said his nation cannot afford to “panic” and is “preparing for any option”.

“But let’s be very clear here, we know who [the] aggressor is and everyone knows who [the] aggressor is. It’s Russia,” she added.

Today, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said new legislation will be released this week expanding sanctions against Russia in a bid to deter aggression.

Fast jets, warships and military specialists could also be sent to protect NATO allies, with around 1,000 soldiers sent to bolster defenses as Ukrainian forces prepare for war.

This morning, Truss said officials were looking for ways to attack oligarchs with links to Putin.

She told Sky News: “What the legislation allows us to do is attack a much wider variety of targets. So there can’t be anyone who thinks they will be immune from those sanctions.”

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“Any company of interest to the Kremlin and the regime in Russia could be a target, so there will be nowhere to hide for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s oligarchs, for Russian companies involved in propping up the Russian state.” .

Boris Johnson has warned that a Russian incursion into Ukraine would be a “tragedy”.

The prime minister, who is fighting for his future in Downing Street, said the new NATO offer currently under consideration “would send a clear message to the Kremlin” that “we will not tolerate their destabilizing activity”.

In addition to reinforcing the number of troops, the number 10 said that this could involve sending defensive weapons to Estonia.

Downing Street said the possible deployment would “strengthen NATO’s defenses and underpin UK support for Nordic and Baltic partners”.

The United Kingdom is ready to reinforce the number of troops on the borders of Europe


Erik Romanenko/TASS)

The move comes as the prime minister is expected to speak with Putin and travel to the troubled region earlier this week.

A second trip to meet NATO members is being planned early next month, No 10 said.

Details of the offer will be finalized by UK and NATO officials in Brussels next week, while ministers will discuss military options on Monday.

Johnson also directed Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace to prepare to go to Moscow for talks with their counterparts in the coming days.

They will be asked to improve relations with the Russian government and encourage de-escalation, Downing Street said.

In addition, Wallace is expected to travel to meet with allies this week in Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia on Johnson’s behalf.

Meanwhile, Johnson has asked the Chief of the Defense Staff, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, to come to Cabinet on Tuesday to brief ministers on the situation in Ukraine.

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