Putin warns he will not give up war to achieve his goals

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned this Sunday that has no intention of giving up the four objectives that it has marked itself with the invasion of Ukraine, and that it will achieve them “either by negotiation or by war”. The Russian leader has shown adamant in its demands on Kiev during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, in which he also assured that he has no intention of attacking nuclear facilities.

Putin’s demands are what Moscow calls the “denazification” of Ukraine, his demilitarization and renounces joining NATO and having an Army; the recognition of the Crimean independence; and the recognition of donbas independencein the east of the country.

Despite not ruling out the military path, the Russian president has told Macron that he has no intention of attacking the nuclear power plants in Ukraine, including Chernobyl, and that he agrees to guarantee their safety under the technical criteria of the International Organization for Atomic Energy (IAEA).

Denies that civilians are a military target

According to the Elysee, Putin has also denied that civilians are a military target, and has blamed the Ukrainian authorities for letting people out of besieged cities. Faced with these statements, the French president would have responded that “the army that is attacking is the Russian” and that there is “no reason to believe that the Ukrainian armies were endangering civilians.”

The French president has also urged Vladimir Putin to put an end to military operations and has reiterated his demand that humanitarian law is “fully” respected.

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On the nuclear power plants, after the Russian attack last Friday on the Zaporizhia plant, which caused a fire in an administrative building a few hundred meters from the six reactors, France has proposed a series of measures based on IAEA rules to ensure the safety of the five main nuclear power plants.

Macron has insisted to Putin on “the need” for all military installations to comply with these rules, under the sovereignty of Ukraine, and that none be the object of war operations. “President Putin has said that it is not his intention to attack these plants and he is willing to respect the rules,” the Presidency told reporters.

Macron and Erdogan speak with the Kremlin and Benet with Zelensky

This Sunday was the fourth telephone conversation between Putin and Macron since the beginning of the war. The two have remained in regular contact, but the French president has failed to persuade him to call off an invasion now in its 11th day.

Putin, for his part, has already indicated on several occasions that his campaign in Ukraine is proceeding according to plan and that it would not end until Kiev stopped fighting. That is why, after the last dialogue last Thursday, Macron advanced that “the worst was yet to come”. Despite this, he insists on keeping open the channel of dialogue with the head of the Kremlin.

Macron and the ‘hotline strategy’ with Putin in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

He is not the only one, however. The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoganhas also asked this Sunday in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart an “immediate ceasefire” in the attack launched by Moscow against Ukraine and has offered to find ways to achieve peace.

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“Let’s open the path for peace together,” Erdogan told Putin in a telephone conversation in which the Turkish leader highlighted the importance of a truce to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and allow a negotiated solution, as reported by the Turkish Presidency On twitter.

For his part, the Israeli Prime Minister, Nafati Benet, has had a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and his offer to mediate between Ukraine and Russia. “Even if the chances are not high, once there is a small opening, and we have access to all sides and the capacity, I see it as our moral duty to make every attempt,” he said.

Benet held a meeting in Moscow on Saturday three hours with Vladimir Putin – with whom he spoke again this Sunday – after which he traveled to Germany for another meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, amid attempts to end hostilities.


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