Putin wants “immediate” security guarantees to ease tension in Ukraine




Putin has stressed that Russia’s next actions will depend on the guarantees it receives from the West, which it accused of misleading Moscow.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has demanded this Thursday “immediate” security guarantees to the United States and NATO in order to ease tension with Ukraine, which he accuses of preparing a new offensive against Donbas.

“And do you demand any guarantees from me? It is you who must give us guarantees. You, immediately, now. And not bog down (the negotiations) for decades,” Putin said during his massive annual press conference.

Putin has advanced that negotiations with the West They will begin in January 2022 in Geneva, the city where the summit with the US president already took place in the middle of the year, Joe Biden.

In response to a Western journalist’s question about a possible Russian invasion of UkrainePutin has stressed that “Russia does not threaten anyone” and that it is the US that has deployed missiles near the Russian border, as the USSR did with Cuba in 1962.

He recalled that, while Washington always remembers that Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the US and Mexico have also had their “territorial disputes.”

Ukrainian offensive in the Donbas

Putin has stressed that it is Kiev solely responsible for the current tension.

He also denounces that the West is creating in the neighboring country a “anti-Russian“with the” permanent supply of weapons and the brainwashing of the population. “

Putin stresses that Moscow is willing to maintain good neighborly relations with Ukraine “at any cost”, but that today this is “practically impossible”.

He recalled that for the Kremlin Ukraine’s membership of NATO is “inadmissible”, since it would mean the emplacement of offensive weapons in the neighboring country.

“Sometimes it seems that we live in different worlds,” he lamented, adding that the Russian proposal for security guarantees (which includes the resignation from NATO of all military activity in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, or the withdrawal of arms nuclear power plants in Europe) are not something “strange”.

Putin has stressed that Russia’s next actions will depend on the guarantees it receives from the West, which he accused of deceiving Moscow by accepting several countries from Eastern Europe and the former post-Soviet space, despite promising that he would never do so.

London condemns Moscow’s “incendiary” rhetoric against Ukraine and NATO

UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss on Thursday condemned the “aggressive and inflammatory rhetoric” of the Russian government “against Ukraine and NATO.”

NATO “is a defensive alliance,” while “Ukraine continues to show commendable restraint in the face of Russian provocations and aggressions,” Truss said in a statement.

The head of British diplomacy said for her part that the accumulation of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and in the “illegally annexed Crimea” is “unacceptable”.

The US replies to Putin: the “only aggression” is his “bellicose rhetoric”

The White House on Thursday rejected the accusations of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who pointed to the West as the promoter of the tensions with Ukraine, and stressed that the “only aggression” that is seen is his “bellicose” rhetoric and the increase of the Russian military presence on the border.

In addition, the spokesperson for the Government of Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, did not want to confirm Putin’s announcement that talks on this crisis will begin in January in Geneva, although she did acknowledge that this is the intention and asked to wait for the details to be finalized. .


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