Puigdemont will not attend the National Court on November 2 to testify



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In a statement signed by “the legitimate Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia”, they have explained that part of the dismissed conselllers will go to the AN “as a complaint of the lack of guarantees.”


President Carles Puigdemont and the dismissed councilors who remain with him in Belgium have confirmed that they will not come to testify to the National Court this Thursday and Friday, considering that it is a political trial “carried out at the dictation of the Government of the Spanish State.”

In a statement, in which they have presented themselves as “the legitimate Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia”, they have explained that part of the dismissed councilors will appear before Judge Carmen Lamela “as a complaint of the lack of guarantees of the Spanish judicial system and of their willingness to pursue political ideas “, while the rest will remain in Brussels to make their complaint to the European institutions.

The text clarifies that Puigdemont and the councilors who are in Belgium do not intend “in any case” to evade justice, and affirms that they will respond to the summons – which it recalls that they have received in a short period of time – according to the mechanisms provided by the European Union, which does not detail.

Hours before making the statement public, Puigdemont’s Belgian lawyer, Paul Bekaert, has assured that he had already advanced that the president “will not go to Madrid.”

“It is quite obvious that my client is now going to adopt the attitude of waiting to see what happens,” said the Belgian lawyer, when asked if Puigdemont will appear before the Spanish Justice.

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Paul Bekaert has proposed that his client declare in Belgium, where he is currently located. “I have suggested that they interrogate him here in Belgium. It is possible,” he added. “He can be questioned here, it is legally foreseen,” he assured.

The National Court summoned Puigdemont and 13 other members of the Catalan Government for Thursday at 09:00 hours, in relation to the crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds.

The Prosecutor’s Office could support your jail request in the risk of flight, given the seriousness of the penalties (up to 30 years in prison for rebellion), and of criminal repetition. In fact, according to the newspaper today The vanguard, already shuffle this option.

As Puigdemont has no intention of going to the summons, it is likely that the judge of the National Court, Carmen Lamela, will issue a Euro order tomorrow for him to be arrested and handed over to the Spanish justice system. From that moment on, the decision will correspond to the Belgian Justice.

While the diary The newspaper has reported that President Carles Puigdemont had planned to appear again in Belgium, specifically in the town of Tielt, near Ghent, this noon, in the end it has not been like that.

Meanwhile, the dismissed councilors of the Generalitat and the members of the Parliamentary Bureau have already begun to receive the summons.

At least two dismissed councilors return to Barcelona

Meanwhile, Joaquim Forn and Dolors Bassa, the Ministry of the Interior and Labor of the Generalitat, dismissed by the Spanish Government, arrived in Barcelona from Brussels last night.

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The two politicians landed at the Barcelona-El Prat Airport shortly after 23:00. The dismissed councilors were received by a group of 10 people who took out several Spanish flags and began to insult them shouting “go to prison” and “where is your republic”.

The group chased Forn practically to the car and the Mossos d’Esquadra had to intervene to protect him.

Diplomatic sources have confirmed to EFE that the other three members of the Catalan delegation that was in the European capital traveled to Barcelona yesterday.

The dismissed Minister of Territory of the Generalitat, Josep RullFor his part, he received last night the summons from the National Court for Thursday at 09:00 hours. This morning the dismissed directors also received it Oriol Junqueras, Raül Romeva and Jordi Turull.

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Forcadell and the former members of the Table will go to the Supreme Court

For this Thursday the president of the Parliament and the former members of the Table are also cited in the Supreme court. All of them have received the corresponding summons and have confirmed that they will testify. This has been announced by the former members of the Table Joan Josep Nuet (EUiA) Y Anna Simó (Together For Yes), as well as the attorney for Forcadell.


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