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Puigdemont arrest

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His lawyer Gonzalo Boye believes that when “things will become clearer and European law is applied” the former president of Catalonia will be released.

The former president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, is waiting to move to judicial disposition. The politician is in police stations, after being arrested yesterday in Sardinia (Italy), to which he traveled to attend the International Meeting of Adifolk.

Puigdemont will testify before the Sàsser Court of Appeal, according to the former president’s Office.

His lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, has been “very calm” since he is “convinced that he will not be extradited”, and has ensured that “Llarena’s euro order is not enforceable in the EU” and therefore has assured that Puigdemont will remain in freedom soon, “just as it happened in Germany.” “When the waters calm, things will be clearer and he will be released,” he added.

As he explained, “the euro order is registered in the Schengen system” but that does not mean that it is applicable, since “both the Kingdom of Spain and the European Parliament informed the General Court (of the European Union) that it it was not enforceable in any state of the Union and the General Court, in response to those arguments, lifted the precautionary measures it had agreed to. Now we find that someone did not tell the truth, or someone is playing bandits with the General Court “.

Faced with an eventual extradition of Puigdemont, his lawyer has assured that we would “defend him to death” although they know that “is not going to happen.”

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Claim before the European court

Carles Puigdemont’s lawyers will present a new lawsuit, “probably today or as soon as possible”, before the General Court of the European Union (TGUE) to restore his immunity, after his arrest yesterday in Italy, as reported by the lawyer of Puigdemont Simon Beckaert.

The lawyer has clarified that one of the arguments that will be included in the lawsuit is that the Supreme Court “promised” to the TGUE that the Euroorder against Puigdemont had been “suspended”, until the preliminary ruling of the Supreme Court magistrate, Pablo Llarena on the reasons for rejecting an extradition. This was collected by the European court itself in the order it issued on July 30, when it withdrew the immunity to the former Catalan president, considering that there was no risk of being arrested.

“As long as the Supreme Court does not rule on the preliminary ruling, there is nothing to consider that the Belgian judicial authorities or that the authorities of another Member State can execute the European arrest warrants issued against the deputies and hand them over to the Spanish authorities”, says the car.

Beckaert has explained that in the new lawsuit they will also state that after the arrest in Italy, Puigdemont is being “prevented” from going to the European Parliament to exercise his functions as MEP, for which he does have immunity, as stated by the TGUE in the car of July 30.


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