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He affirms that he is “aware of the personal and judicial situation” of the candidate and announces that he has requested a meeting with Rajoy to “discuss the anomalous situation in Parliament.”


The President of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, has proposed this Monday the head of the list of Junts per Catalunya and president, Carles Puigdemont, as a candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat. It has also announced that it has requested a meeting with Mariano Rajoy to “discuss the anomalous situation that the Parliament is experiencing”.

In a brief appearance from the Chamber, he explained that “he is aware” of the difficulties that this investiture presents, but he argues that Puigdemont has “absolute legitimacy” to be president again. “I am aware of the personal and judicial situation of the candidate, but my duty is to do everything in my power to protect the rights of political participation of all the deputies of the Chamber, because the limitation of the rights would mean the limitation of the sovereignty of the people, “he added.

Torrent met at the end of last week with all the parliamentary groups, and as a result of that round of contacts, he has indicated that Puigdemont is the only candidate proposed and the one with “the most support” to be re-elected in office for a period of four years. According to Torrent, the sovereign majority of JxCat and ERC showed their support and the CUP recognized its “legitimacy” to be “the first candidate for the investiture.” The rest of the groups expressed their rejection.

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At a time when it is possible that the Bureau of Parliament will have to decide on a proposal for remote investiture of Puigdemont, despite the rejection of the Chamber’s lawyers, Torrent has remarked that the investiture it’s a “political question“and that” politics has to be the center of everything. “

In Torrent’s opinion, the situation of the eight parliamentarians in prison or in Belgium —with arrest warnings if they return— means that “their rights of representation and those of the citizens they represent” are violated.

The President of the Parliament has also announced his intention to get together both with the deputies in situation of prison preventive as with those found in the ForeignAmong those who have quoted Carles Puigdemont: “I will speak with everyone. I will protect the 135 deputies and deputies”, he has settled.

He has also indicated that his obligation as president of the Parliament is to “defend the institution from interference and paralysis scenarios.”

Meeting with Rajoy

Likewise, Torrent has revealed that it has requested a meeting with the President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, to “dialogue about the anomalous situation that the Parliament is experiencing”, due to having deputies in prison or in Belgium.

In this sense, he has emphasized the need to “dialogue“in politics:” At this time we have to explore all possible ways to make politics and dialogue an inalienable goal. “

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Moncloa Response

The Spanish Government has reminded the President of the Parliament of Catalonia, Roger Torrent, that the situation of President Carles Puigdemont is not the responsibility of Rajoy, but corresponds to the Justice.

Central Executive sources have indicated that so far no letter has been received at the Palacio de la Moncloa of Torrent.


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