Puigdemont calls for participation in the Catalan referendum on October 1


Referendum in Catalonia

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The Catalan president has stressed that the two “key” aspects for 1-O are participation and the result, which “no power, law or institution can stop.”

The President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has called today for participation and not to “desert” the referendum, because this would mean paying a “higher” price in the future, and has guaranteed that the Government will make possible the “decisive vote” on October 1.

Puigdemont has intervened in the act of presentation of the guarantees of the referendum of October 1 from the stage of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, surrounded by the rest of the Government, JxSí deputies, the president of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, and some methacrylate urns.

The Catalan president has stressed that the two “key” aspects for 1-O are participation and result, that “no power, law or institution can stop.”

In this sense, he has called to participate in 1-O without “deserting democracy”, since “surrendering or resigning ourselves will lead to paying a higher price in future generations,” he said.

Puigdemont has underlined that the Government is committed “to making this decisive vote possible” and has trusted that on October 1 Catalonia will set “an example to the world”.

He also stressed that on October 1 “there will be no train wreck”Rather, “one train of the status quo will be left dead and the other will continue its march”, because even if the no to independence wins “nothing will ever be the same”, in his opinion.

For his part, the vice president of the Government and leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has stressed that the referendum “will have as always” schools, tables, ballot boxes and ballots, although “with some added guarantees” and a substantial difference, “and it will be held with the open and stark opposition of the State, which has no regard to use his legal instruments, and also those linked to his dirty war and the sewers, “he added.

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According to Junqueras, the answer has to be “offer more democratic guarantees so that citizens can decide” in order to hold “a referendum that is an example of democratic radicalism, based on the legitimacy derived from the fact that more than 80% of the citizens of Catalonia want to vote, and 90% of the municipalities are committed to the referendum.”

“The future of this country – Junqueras stressed – will be much better in the hands of the citizens of Catalonia than in those of a state that does not want us to vote, a State that does not care what the Catalans think and decide “.

“24 hours are enough for the State to paralyze the referendum law”

On the other hand, the Vice President of the Spanish Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, has warned today before the intention of the Catalan sovereignists to approve a law that in 48 hours allows the declaration of independence, that “24 hours are enough for the State to appeal it and obtain its paralysis.”

Sáenz de Santamaría has issued this warning in statements to Efe after the presentation in Catalonia of that referendum law that protects the possibility of declaring independence without setting a minimum participation rate.

“The Generalitat can now spend 30 days explaining the law of the referendum or that of legal transience and can say that in 48 hours it can declare independence, but one thing is clear – he stressed – that the State has shown that it 24 hours are enough to appeal those laws and obtain their paralysis“.

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For this reason, it has guaranteed that the independence referendum “is not going to be held and after 48 hours absolutely nothing will happen.”


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