Puigdemont bets on a ‘short transition’ if he wins the ‘yes’ on 1-O



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The president of the Generalitat has indicated that the consultation will be held and that the “basic guarantee” that will accompany the vote will be the referendum law.


Carles Puigdemont, the president of the Generalitat, has opted to carry out “a short transition, very dialogued and very negotiated, but short “if the ‘yes’ to independence is the winning option in the referendum scheduled for Sunday, October 1.

In an interview with ‘ElNacional.cat’, he has advocated for moving quickly towards the creation of a Catalan State if the independence movement wins, “and if there are aspects that have to be worked on very calmly, that they are working on joint or tripartite commissions, with the EU, the Spanish State and Catalonia “.

Puigdemont has insisted that the 1-O be held and that the “basic warranty“that will accompany the vote will be the referendum law, of which it has indicated that the Parliament must approve it in sufficient time to allow the convocation, of which it has not detailed the date.

Regarding the action that the State may take to prevent the consultation, he explained that it is a matter that worries him but that it is not his priority, and he has warned the Spanish Government that “it will have to be explained very well“If you try to prevent democracy.

However, it has been opened to paralyze the referendum if the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, agrees to negotiate the terms thereof: “If President Rajoy is interested in speaking, the doors are open, and if I have to go to Madrid, I am going to Madrid, but I do not believe this at the moment listed on any table. “

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Asked about the hypothesis that the ‘yes’ will win but that the participation does not exceed 50%, he has answered that the proclamation or not of independence will depend on the circumstances and that will have to be taken into account if there has been “a scenario of breaking of normality“, a situation that could arise, he has reported, if he is arrested or disqualified.

However, he has considered that “between now and October no room for disqualification“since although the reform of the Constitutional Court (TC) foresees that this body can suspend public positions, the Statute establishes the cases of disqualification of the President of the Generalitat and the TC does not appear among them.

Rajoy urges you to forget your plans

For its part, Mariano Rajoy, the President of the Spanish Government, has urged Puigdemont to forget his plans and has warned him that if he does not do so, it should not fit “no doubt“that the Executive will act in defense of national sovereignty.

“What should happen is that some stale polemics that nothing contribute to coexistence will be forgotten “, said Rajoy.

Specifically, he explained that he and the vast majority of citizens would like “some political leaders (in reference to Puigdemont) to renounce their plans for rupture, division and radicalism“.

“I think that is the last thing that the majority of Catalan society also wants at the moment,” he said.


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