Puigdemont believes that the State cannot ‘prevent so much democracy’


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The Catalan president sees the proposal to be debated in Congress as an “alibi” to blur before international observers the lack of political will.


The president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, has affirmed today that the State “does not have so much power to prevent so much democracy” and has warned the Executive of Mariano Rajoy that the Government “will not accept” that nobody forces them to renounce their principles .

In an act at the Caja de Música CentroCentro Auditorium, in the Palacio de Cibeles, Puigdemont has considered it “irresponsible” that the latest decisions of the Government are to pursue elected officials who “do not bring the agreement closer, but distance it”.

“Denying the political character of the Catalan lawsuit and trusting everything to the work of prosecutors and judges is not the solution but rather increases the problem,” stressed Puigdemont, while saying that “politics is not done in the courts.”

The Catalan president has described today the invitation of the Government to debate in Congress his proposal for a referendum as an “alibi” to blur before international observers the lack of political will, a “mistake”, he said, in which he will not participate. .

Puigdemont has told the Spanish Executive that it does not count on the Government for “simulations and false will to dialogue, nothing that allows us to believe that we renounce the right to self-determination.”

In this sense, he has asked for a sense of the State to bilaterally negotiate an independence referendum in Catalonia: “With political will, everything is possible.”

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Although there are “complaints and convictions”

The vice president of the Generalitat, Oriol Junqueras, for his part, has assured that the conviction in doing so is such that they will do it even if there are “complaints, disqualifications and convictions” against sovereign positions.

The Minister of Economy has also defended that Catalonia wants independence to assume “all the economic and political responsibility” and to stop depending on the policies of the central government, which he sees as erroneous in matters such as the management of Social Security.

The Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Raül Romeva, has assured that “Spain has a problem today, its democracy is at stake in Catalonia” and has stressed that the only interest of the Government is “to build bridges to save the ditches” that today hinder the relationship with the state.

Far-right protest

About 200 people have gathered in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid against the conference that the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The protesters have also attacked the mayor of the capital, Manuela Carmena, for renting a room from the Catalan president, whom he received on Monday.

Shouting “terrorists, separatists” and “They are not fooling us, Catalonia is Spain”, the group of people concentrated in Cibeles carried red and yellow flags and displayed far-right symbols such as the Celtic cross or the yoke and arrows, a Falangist symbol. The protest was led precisely by a banner from La Falange with the slogan: “The unity of Spain is neither touched nor negotiated.”


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