Puigdemont and Rovira (ERC) agree in Belgium the composition of the Bureau




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Although at first an agreement on the investiture has been reported, ERC has clarified that they have yet to negotiate this point.


The JuntsxCat candidate for the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and the secretary general of ERC, Marta Rovira, have reached an agreement to ensure the pro-independence majority in the Bureau of Parliament, emerged from the December 21 elections.

The news was revealed early in the morning by various Catalan media, and confirmed and nuanced by the two games at mid-morning. According to these sources, Puigdemont and Rovira met this Tuesday night in Brussels to address the Catalan political situation, one week before the plenary session of the Parliament’s constitution.

This agreement goes through JuntsxCat, ERC and the CUP add their votes to achieve the Presidency of the Parliament, so that four of the seven members of the Table are independentists, which guarantees them control of the governing body of the Chamber.

Republican sources explain that the agreement has been possible because Puigdemont has ruled out blocking the first plenary session of the legislature by promoting the absence of its deputies; but they add that still we must negotiate the way for the inauguration of the president At first it was reported that there was also an agreement in this regard.

70 deputies

The three pro-independence groups add up to 70 deputies, two above the absolute majority of 68, so, under normal conditions, they would have no problem getting four of the seven members of the Bureau.

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However, eight of the 70 deputies are in Exceptional circumstances: three in jail and five in Brussels, so his presence in plenary session on the 17th is on the air and, therefore, also the sovereign majority.

To ensure this majority, it would be worthwhile for the independentists if the three imprisoned were granted permission to go to the plenary session and that the four ex-councilors who are in Belgium renounce the seat – and were replaced by another four candidates without problems with justice.

Still no agreement for the investiture

At first it had been announced that there was also an agreement to invest Carles Puigdemont, but ERC has clarified later that it is not closed and that it continues to study whether or not to endorse that the dismissed president (JuntsxCat) be invested remotely.

Puigdemont proposes to ERC one telematic investiture by videoconference or an idelegated investiture, something that the Republicans have never seen clear, so they have asked for more time to study this option.

The news this Wednesday is that ERC has transferred Puigdemont’s proposal to its legal services and that it will study the “viability” of a remote investiture.

Yesterday was a turbulent day in both games. The former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas announced his resignation as president of PDeCAT, Puigdemont’s party. On the Republican side, whoever was Minister of Justice, Carles Mundó, resigned his act of deputy and reported that he was leaving politics.


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