Puigdemont and Junqueras ask Rajoy a ‘Scottish-style’ query



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In a letter entitled ‘May the dialogue win, let the polls decide’, they insist on dialogue although they affirm that there will be a referendum if there is finally no pact.

The President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and the Vice President, Oriol Junqueras, have proposed to the President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, an “agreed referendum” on the independence of Catalonia like the one they agreed UK and Scotland.

In a joint article published this Monday in the newspaper The country under the title ‘Let the dialogue win, let the ballot boxes decide’, they are committed to following the ‘Scottish route’ to solve Catalonia’s position in the State: “–Between the United Kingdom and Scotland– there was an agreement because there was political will to call and allow a referendum. that could be resolved politically. “

They criticize the central government for its “simple and populist drive to resolve the difference through prohibition, walls and discrimination,” and point out that, on the other hand, the Government has always been willing to dialogue because its priority is to reach an agreement.

“The agreed referendum scenario is the one we would like in Catalonia. We want to remember that we have already proposed it on several occasions. Today, despite the bad omens and the frontal rejection of the Spanish Government, we insist on it again,” they state.


Puigdemont and Junqueras oppose the judicialization of the sovereign process with the Scottish scenario and regret that the referendum “in Spain cannot even be part of a dialogue table between the Spanish and Catalan governments.”

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Both reproach “the worrying lack of will for dialogue” on the part of the central government, and warn that they will do the unspeakable to hold the referendum this year, defending one-sidedness in case there is finally no pact.

But their priority now is to reach an agreement because, as they point out, “agreeing on the way to resolve political differences always brings together”, and for that reason they will continue trying – although they do not specify until when.

“We are already seated at the dialogue table. Will the other guests take much longer?“They ask. And they warn that it does not occur to them” to think that the future of Catalonia will not be decided by its citizens and the Spanish Government will, “so they will call the referendum even if there is no agreement, since, according to what they say , 80% of Catalans want it to be celebrated.

“The State has abandoned the Catalans”

The Catalan leaders affirm that this situation cannot be blamed exclusively on the central government and Rajoy: “We observe with sorrow and sadness that the same position, without any nuance, is shared PP, PSOE and Citizens“.

They consider that the State has abandoned all Catalans, also those who do not want independence, and insist that it is time to do politics: “In Catalonia we do it […] However, others have decided to delegate their political responsibility to the courts. They hide behind the Constitutional Court, the National Court and the Supreme Court. “

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