Puig changes five ministries to relaunch the Community and advance the last year of the legislature

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has tackled this Saturday the first crisis of the ‘Consell’ since in 2015 he agreed to the Presidency of the Valencian Executive, with changes in the heads of five of the 12 ministriessince during this legislature and a half there had only been a one-off substitution of some conseller.

In fact, the Botanical Council has boasted during these seven years of being the “most stable in the history of Valencian self-government”even more than the previous single-party Executives, despite being a plural Government made up of various political parties.

Manolo Mata’s resignation last week as trustee of the socialist group in Les Corts to focus on the legal defense of one of the main investigators in the Azud case has finally triggered an extensive remodeling of the Valencian Government with surprises included, since it has gone beyond the portfolios governed by socialists.

change one ministry of Compromís and four socialists

In fact, the resignation of Vicent Marzà as Minister of Education, Culture and Sports to focus on the partisan work of Compromís in this decisive year until the 2023 elections, It was the first casualty in the Council that was known, last Wednesday, as well as its substitution by the already former regional secretary Raquel Tamarit.

In the remodeling that Puig has announced this Saturday, the changes affect a total of five ministries: four of the six governed by socialists and one of the four Compromís, while Unides Podem has not introduced changes in its two portfolios.

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Thus, the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, becomes the trustee socialist in Les Corts and he is replaced in that portfolio by the researcher doctor of Incliva Miguel Mínguez; on the Ministry of the Treasury, Vicent Soler hands over the witness to the until now Minister of Public Works, Arcadi Spain, who is replaced in that portfolio by the former Autonomous Secretary of Economy Rebeca Torró.

The fourth Ministry appointed by the socialists that changes its head is that of Innovation and Universities, where Carolina Pascual leaves the Council and replaced by the socialist senator Josephine Well, while Gabriela Bravo remains as Minister of Justice and Puig as President of the Generalitat.

Previous changes

During the first ‘botanical’ legislature (2015-2019), the only change that occurred in the composition of the Valencian Government, made up of ten members, was the replacement in June 2018 of the then Minister of Health, Carmen Montonwho left that portfolio after being appointed Minister of Health in the first Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

With the change of legislature, and after Puig revalidated the Presidency of the Generalitat in 2019 with a new edition of the Botanical Agreement, in which Unides Podem became part of the Valencian Executive for the first time, this happened to be integrated by twelve peoplesince a second vice-presidency was created and a Ministry of Innovation and Universities.

In the rest of the Council, there were only changes in the headlines of three Ministries: Public Works, where the until then Puig’s chief of staff, Arcadi Spain, replaced María José Salvador; that of Agriculture and the Environment, where Mireia Mollà took the position of Elena Cebrián, and that of Transparency, where Rosa Pérez Garijo replaced Manuel Alcaraz.

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The new second vice-presidency, which added the powers of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture and which corresponded to Podem, was initially occupied by Rubén Martínez Dalmau, who resigned last September to return to his job at the University and replaced him Hector Illueca in which until now had been the only change of this legislature.


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